Is North Korea Starting A Nuclear War?

North Korea began 2016 with the ‘stirring explosive sound’ of a hydrogen bomb, declaring that it had developed and successfully tested a powerful nuclear weapon This destructive force is the same type of weapon that was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2

These tests triggered widespread condemnation from the international community South Korean President Park Geun-hye criticized North Korea’s actions as ‘a strong challenge to international peace and stability’, while Russia warned that North Korea’s actions were ‘a severe violation of international law’ Even North Korea’s ally, China, has declared a firm opposition to North Korea’s nuclear program Diplomatic correspondents like Jonathan Marcus believe that the latest test is a clear indication that North Korea will stop at nothing to achieve a fully equipped nuclear arsenal Just hours before North Korea’s nuclear test, former US defense secretary William Perry revealed that the global nuclear weapon risk is greater now than it was during the height of the cold war

Since 2006 this fascist, isolated state has conducted four nuclear tests, with more promised for the future The UN estimates that North Korea may already have up to 15 nuclear weapons, and it has the capability to increase this stockpile to up to 100 nuclear weapons by 2020 Speaking on behalf of US Intelligence Services, Admiral Bill Gortney has claimed that North Korea has the capability to launch a nuclear weapon against the United States The consequences of a nuclear war would devastate the planet for decades A study by scientists at UCLA has determined that even a small scale nuclear war would cause millions of instant fatalities, while the resulting firestorms would create a thick black smoke that would block out the sun and cause the Earth’s temperature to fall dramatically

North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons since the 1950s, in an attempt to ward off the presumed threat of its enemy, America After the US deployed tactical nuclear weapons from South Korea in 1958, North Korea was given a nuclear reactor by the Soviet Union, and started developing its own nuclear program Although Cold war tensions have thawed throughout the rest of the world, the relatively isolated North Korea still views South Korea and the US as aggressors With a nuclear arms force and an army of 12 million soldiers – almost double that of South Korea – the North recently warned that it could nuke America at any moment

However, North Korea’s claims that it’s developed a hydrogen bomb have been met with skepticism The detected blast from January 2016 was 10 times smaller than what would have been expected from an ‘H – bomb’ Experts throughout the world, including Washington DC’s Arms Control Association, have stated that it’s more likely that North Korea tested an atomic bomb

This weapon uses nuclear fission to yield a smaller blast The atom bomb may not be quite so deadly as an h- bomb, but the former British ambassador for North Korea, John Everard, has warned that the detected explosion was still big enough to wipe out a city But even if a North Korean missile reaches America, Shashank Joshi from the Royal United Services Institute believes that an attack against the US – or even an enemy closer to home – is unlikely This is because of America’s extensive missile defense platforms across the world, both on land and sea According to Arms Control Director Daryl Kimball, a nuclear attack by North Korea would be suicidal, because the US and South Korean forces would have no choice but to end the Kim dynasty

It’s suspected that North Korea’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon program may just be a tactic to move North Korea higher up on the US foreign policy agenda With no genuine intention to start a nuclear war, Dr Adam Cathcart suggests that North Korea is using its nuclear program as a bargaining tool to gain political concessions with the Obama administration This would allow the country to increase its economy and trading partners, which are currently limited just to China, due to UN sanctions What’s more, North Korea’s threats are considered empty, because China has confirmed that it would refuse to support North Korea if the country started a war

But due to the secrecy of North Korea’s weapons program, the true threat of the country is largely unknown And with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un having only ruled for a few years, his political course remains unpredictable Despite multiple rounds of negotiations with the international community to abandon its nuclear ambitions, it can be assumed that North Korea sees its nuclear weapons as its only means of achieving its undisclosed aims But while North Korea is a growing danger, this threat is not yet a reality

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