Is The Bermuda Triangle A Time Warp?

“The remarkable thing is that we did not come out of the storm 90 miles away from Miami as we should haveWe had traveled through 100 miles of space and 30 minutes of time in a little more than three minutes” When pilot Bruce Gernon Jr checked his watch after landing in Palm Beach, it looked like he might just have solved one of the most enduring mysteries of the last five centuries The year was 1970, and Gernon had traversed the perilous Bermuda Triangle, getting trapped in a terrifying tubular vortex, before being spat out half an hour into the future

The Bermuda Triangle is mysterious 13 million square kilometre stretch of ocean between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida The term was coined in 1964 by author Vincent Gaddis, who described it as the “Devil’s Triangle” in a groundbreaking front page piece for Argosy magazine But its paranormal links have a much longer history A 1492 sea mission by Christopher Columbus reported an unexplained force in the Triangle distorting polar signals, and skewing the location of the magnetic North

Some put this down to a navigable tear in the fabric of space-time A time warp is a hypothetical phenomenon that allows movement across the fabric of time The idea arose from Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which showed that time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast something is moving Time warp theory takes this position further It suggests that if space-time is flexible, it must be possible to move between different time periods

Bruce Gernon believes that the Bermuda Triangle is home to a time warp During his experience, he was trapped in what he calls the “electronic fog”, which doubled as a conduit to the future After the incident, he described the moment it enveloped his aircraft “It became dark and black, without rain, and visibility was about four or five miles There were no lightning bolts, only extraordinary bright white flashes that would illuminate the entire surrounding area”

Since his experience, Gernon has dedicated much of his life to investigating the electronic fog phenomenon He believes that it is created when enormous horizontal tubes are formed by excess thunderstorm energy These tubes have a lifespan of just five minutes When they collapse, the impact is so intense that an extremely powerful electronic fog forms, which attaches itself to passing aircraft He believes that the huge number of missing vehicles over the Triangle is due to pilots not realising they are traveling with the fog, and instead believing that they are going through it

This spatial disorientation whilst moving with a nebulous time warp, increases the chances of a crash or “disappearance” Gernon is not the only pilot to describe this experience Charles Lindbergh, who flew over the Triangle in 1928, also spoke about a mysterious fog attaching itself to his aircraft He described the disorienting experience of being unable to shake the fog off, even when flying right above the water’s surface Amazingly, scientist John Hutchison has shown that the electronic fog is a possible phenomenon

Hutchison created a cloud of overlapping electromagnetic fields in his laboratory His results showed the horrifying extent to which electromagnetic force can destroy and mutate matter According to writer Steve Preston, while Hutchison didn’t explicitly address time travel in his works, his findings are consistent with Gernon’s theories Others have described mystifying experiences consistent with the electronic fog theory In 1995 Cary Gordon Trantham was flying over the Bermuda Triangle and was engulfed in a fog

She said it was “as if someone had thrown a blanket over me” Her lights were also fluctuating between brightness, and her compass was whirring uncontrollably, as though the aircraft were no longer subject to earthly forces Even if the Triangle really is peculiarly dangerous, time warps remain a controversial and widely contested idea Importantly, they are simply hypothetical Professor Stephen Hawking, Research Director at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, says that for now time warps belong in science fiction, as there is no evidence for their existence

Indeed, a 2011 study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology confirmed that a single photon cannot travel faster than the speed of light within a vacuum This corroborates Einstein’s arguments that nothing can travel faster than light This means that until a breakthrough is made, traveling across time, is impossible Therefore, there is no way that Gernon was catapulted to the future as he claimed His conclusions are therefore more likely due to his own misreading of the situation or mental state, than an actual time warp

Dr Joe Nickell, Senior Researcher at the Committee for Skeptical Enquiry, has identified a number of issues with John Hutchinson’s findings Nickell showed that Hutchison’s experiments lacked basic controls that we would expect in any reliable scientific study He said “many of [Hutchinson’s] alleged phenomena are dubiously ‘authenticated’ by videotape and film,” and that the “conditions could certainly be consistent with trickery” Until Hutchinson’s findings are replicated under properly controlled conditions, they cannot be taken as fact Time warps have not yet been proven to exist

Until they are established scientific fact, it is impossible to prove whether or not the Bermuda Triangle contains one Multiple accounts of “electronic fog”, as well as Gernon’s testimony, suggest there may be more going on in the region than current theories account for However, until more scientific research is done in this area, we cannot know for sure if a latent time warp is responsible for the Bermuda Triangle and its many mysteries

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