Is The Moon A Hologram?

The Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite, orbits the planet approximately every 27 days, at a distance of 380,000km away It is thought to have originated around 4

5 billion years ago, formed from debris produced in a collision between the Earth and an object the size of Mars In total, twelve people have walked on the Moon, in various missions between 1969 and 1972 There is a widespread, popular conspiracy theory that the US staged these expeditions in a film studio, and mankind has never actually been to the Moon However, some theorists go one step further presenting the notion that not only the Moon landings were faked, but the Moon itself is fake too Instead, they argue, it is a hologram, projected by a conspiring government alliance But could there possibly be any truth in this? Is there any chance that the Moon as we know it doesn’t even exist? In 2013, YouTube user Crrow777 began posting a series of videos, which he claims show proof that the Moon is not what it seems After over a year of observation, Crow filmed what he called ‘lunar waves’, which look like ripples passing across the surface

According to the video maker, these waves demonstrate that the Moon is a hologram He says they are power glitches in an artificial electrical system He further asserts that he has been contacted by three individuals who are supposedly privy to classified information and were able to confirm his suspicions And Crrow777 is not alone in his beliefs Prominent conspiracy theorist and outspoken broadcaster David Icke argues that humanity should not be tricked into believing the Moon exists just because figures of authority have said that it does

Icke strongly advocates the idea that the Moon is not a natural body, stating on his website that it is ‘a control system manipulating our sense of reality to make us the slave race of those who are doing it’ Dave Johnson, another YouTuber, claims to have discovered and filmed an unlisted satellite that constitutes the heart of this conspiracy He believes that satellites such as this make up an international network of projection points, from which the hologram is transmitted However, a significant problem with the Fake Moon theory is that documents and images referring to the Moon pre-date the development of holography in the 1940s Theorists argue that these sources could have been falsified, misinterpreted or retrospectively altered by perpetrators, and the Moon never really existed before the 20th century

An adapted version of the theory says the Moon previously existed but has now been replaced or hidden by the more recent creation of a holographic version Icke offers a variety of explanations for the purpose of this elaborate hoax He suggests that the hologram could be part of global Illuminati interference By tricking the entire world into believing in a Moon that doesn’t exist, the secret society of elites would demonstrate its ultimate control over the spread of knowledge Moreover, the Illuminati would be able to benefit from financial investment in redundant Moon research, such as the $110 billion that was allegedly spent on the Apollo missions

Alternatively, if the idea of a hologram hiding the actual Moon were true, it would provide elite scientists with the opportunity to experiment on the natural satellite without public realization The real Moon could have been drastically altered, destroyed or even colonized by alien lifeforms, with a hologram conveniently hiding the truth There are numerous flaws with the conjecture that the Moon is a hologram, not least that the theory doesn’t offer an alternative explanation for tidal forces, which physicists says are produced by the Moon’s gravity affecting the Earth What is difficult is that believers in the idea are reluctant to accept arguments against it, saying that evidence proving the Moon’s existence is insufficient They do not believe the assertions of astronauts such as Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin and think government elites are manipulating scientific experts to spread their lies

Website ‘Revisionismnl’, run by a theorist known only as ‘The Mad Revisionist’, has offered a $100,000 prize to anyone who can undeniably prove that the Moon is real So far, the reward remains unclaimed

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