Is The Queen Of England A Cannibal?

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Britain’s royal family is recognised throughoutthe world.

Its matriarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is incredibly popular.


She has reignedlonger than any other living monarch, having ruled for 65 years.

In that time, she’soutlasted thirteen Prime Ministers and twelve U.



She’s traveled over 1 millionmiles on official visits to 106 countries.

At the age of 91, she still conducts 330 officialengagements a year.

Her longevity and vitality amazed those whomet her even forty years ago.

In 1973, cultural philosopher Hubert Humdinger published anarticle describing how she was “packed with more energy than the sun.

” He explainedthat she maintains her remarkable vibrancy through a dark habit.

“There is an immenseamount of spiritual energy in human muscle,” he said.

“She must eat human flesh to beso vivacious.

” Humdinger is not alone in his claims.

Financialanalyst Jim Willie believes the Queen is a child-killing Satanist.

His claims chime withseveral separate reports about dozens of schoolchildren going missing in Canada, each time the Queenmakes a state visit.

In Britain, William Combes claims to have witnessed the Queen kidnapten children from his residential Catholic school in 1964.

Another report comes from an anonymous soldieron duty in the Queen’s home, Windsor Castle, in the the 1970s.

He says he found a secretfreezer hidden in the castle kitchens.

When he opened it, he was confronted with the sickeningsight of human body parts: arms, legs, and other various pieces.

Conspiracy theoristssay this is proof positive that Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip and perhapsthe entire royal family, consume people in order to prolong their own existence beyondthe natural limits of the human body.

Archaeological evidence suggests humans havepracticed cannibalism for tens of thousands of years.

600,000-year-old human bones havebeen found that had the flesh removed by other humans.

Historians speculate that ritual cannibalism- where the remains of the dead are eaten by their relatives – was commonly carriedout in early human society, before the traditions of burial and cremation developed.

Cannibalism has also occurred in times ofgreat strife.

In 1609, the Jamestown colony in America was so badly struck by famine thatthe settlers ate each other to survive.

During World War Two, the people of Leningrad turnedto cannibalism when they were besieged by the Nazis for 872 days.

In 1972, survivorsof a plane crash in the Andes ate the dead passengers, staying alive long enough to berescued after 72 days.

Meanwhile, history is full of individualswith a predilection for human flesh.

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer ate the body parts ofseventeen men over the course of thirteen years.

Not for nothing is folklore and mythfull of villains and monsters who eat their victims.

More disturbingly, cannibalism was widespreadin early modern Europe.

Lecturer Louise Noble, historian Dr Richard Sugg and anthropologistBeth Conklin have all researched how Europeans in both the Old and New Worlds ate human remainsfor medicinal purposes.

Known as corpse medicine, it was popular amongst British royalty, QueenElizabeth’s predecessors.

William III and Queen Mary both took potions containing humanskull; Charles II liked it so much he bought the recipe and mixed his own.

These remedieswere made using grinded Egyptian mummies, body parts supplied by an illegal grave-robbingindustry, and blood freshly drank from executed criminals.

Even Charles I’s blood was moppedup by the crowd when he was beheaded, because his royal spirit was considered to have potenthealing powers.

The last recorded examples of corpse medicineare from the mid-1800s.

It is not known whether any of Queen Elizabeth’s grandparents partookof human flesh.

Conspiracy theorists say Elizabeth II literallygets away with murder and cannibalism because she is the Queen.

Authorities simply won’ttouch her, and the establishment goes to great lengths to cover up her evil tastes.

The cover-up must be particularly successful,because there is no evidence whatsoever to back up these claims.

The report of the anonymoussoldier who found the freezer full of body parts seems to have been invented by an equallyanonymous visitor to an online forum.

Furthermore, Hubert Humdinger, the main source of the theory,may have never existed.

None of his 367 purported writings survive, and there is no record ofhis life, let alone his 1973 article in which he accused the Queen of being a flesh-eater.

In fact, Humdinger seems to be the creation of a satire writer called Adam Michael Luebke.

Reports of Canadian and British schoolchildrenbeing kidnapped by the Queen have no historical proof either, only unsupported witness statements.

Their stories also strain logic: it must be wondered whether Britain’s constitutionalmonarchy, which has robbed the head of state of most of their power, and surrounds theQueen with security and paparazzi, would allow her to go on unsupervised night raids in boardingschools.

If she were a cannibal, she would not faceconsequences under the law.

In the United Kingdom, it is not a crime to eat anotherperson – in criminal cases where cannibalism has taken place, the charge is always murder.

The Queen would have to be caught for killing or kidnapping in order to be arrested.

Eventhen, she benefits from sovereign immunity.

She cannot be prosecuted for a crime.

On theofficial Royal Family website it says, “Although civil and criminal proceedings cannot be takenagainst the Sovereign as a person under UK law, The Queen is careful to ensure that allher activities in her personal capacity are carried out in strict accordance with thelaw.

” Regardless of the dark rumours, the Queenremains hugely popular.

A British poll named her as the UK’s greatest ever monarch.

Three-quartersof the British public want the monarchy to continue, as do over half of Canadians.

Herapproval rating in the USA is 82%.

In part, this is because she has never given an interview,and therefore never given any hint about her political or personal views, or about herpersonal tastes.

Elizabeth is such a guarded figure, her exposure to the public so tightlycontrolled and her private life such a closely protected secret – we may never know whattruly goes on behind palace walls.

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