Is The USA Starting World War 3?

At the dawn of 1914, optimism shone in the West The airplane, telephone, and radio made the world more connected than ever before, and international war was the last thing on anyone’s mind

But within a year, one of the bloodiest conflicts in history erupted in Europe, killing 17 million soldiers and civilians Historian professor Margaret MacMillan has also noted some unnerving similarities between today’s world and the conditions that created the First World War The digital revolution has made the world an even more powerful, interconnected place America is like old Britain, a declining superpower The USA’s main trading partner, China, is like Imperial Germany: A country on the rise, rife with nationalism, and rapidly developing its technology and armed forces

The Middle East is the unstable Balkans And Islamic terrorists are the early 20th century communists, relentless in their assassinations and bloody revolutions to obtain a ‘better future’ But this time around, America may be the catalyst for war, by interfering with other nations, in order to keep a hold on its global supremacy Since the early 20th century, American diplomacy has thrived on foreign intervention After the ‘War on Terror’ was announced in 2001, the US has dramatically increased its control in the unstable Middle East and other countries, in order for the US to assert its power across the globe

In particular, America supplies Israel with $3 billion worth of military aid every year to maintain a political stronghold in this decisive region of the world Surrounding countries like Iraq and Syria are notably anti-American because of previous US interventions, and America’s pro-Israel stance makes an already turbulent region all the more temperamental And lately it’s China, a superpower in the making, that’s most irked by America’s meddling

America is fearful that China’s artificial reef construction in the South China Sea will increase Beijing’s power To prevent this from happening, America has employed a military presence in these waters In May 2015 China issued a warning to the United States that World War 3 is ‘inevitable’, unless the US ceases to interfere with its political activities Like Britain and Germany 100 years previously, the US appears to have underestimated China’s power, and assumed that war between its closest trading partner is an impossibility – when in fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true China has the biggest army in the world, with around 2,285,000 active personnel

And America’s complacency could spark a war between the two nations A US-China conflict could easily be the catalyst for a global war: China’s strained relationship with the USA’s ally, Japan, could cause armed attacks in the East, and China may begin an unforeseen invasion of Taiwan With America’s forces strained in both the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region, North Korea could seize on this opportunity to invade neighboring South Korea, throwing the whole world into another war But this hasn’t stopped the US from aggravating one of the world’s biggest nuclear threats: Russia In February 2014 President Vladimir Putin invaded the Crimean peninsula to reunify Russia with Ukraine

Political expert Noam Chomsky has criticized America’s reaction to the Ukraine crisis, which was to initiate military training exercises on the border of Russia, as a warning to Putin But all this has done is cause Russia to form a closer relationship with China In March 2015 Putin announced that if the US interfered in his military decisions, then Russia was prepared to take nuclear action At the very least, experts predict a new Cold War to emerge between these old rivals if the US continues to intervene in Russia’s political decisions But in July 2015 the U

S made a peaceful move when President Obama struck a deal with Iran to limit its access to nuclear weapons This is a step in the right direction – but if America isn’t careful in the East, an obliterating third world war could be just on the horizon Want to learn more about just how many countries the United States has invaded since the end of World War II? Check out this video from our friends at TestTube News

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