Is The Vatican Trying To Conquer The World?

On January the 28th, 2017, Pope Francis fired the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta Francis sent a papal delegate to replace him, putting the Knights of Malta under direct Vatican control

This turn of events was both shocking and disturbing On the surface, it may not seem like much, just a spat between two ancient Catholic organisations But the Knights of Malta are powerful They have 13,500 members and over 100,000 employees The Knights have diplomatic relations with 106 countries, where they operate

They even have the status of a sovereign country So when Pope Francis controversially replaced the Grand Master because they disagreed over a key issue, it seemed like just another step on the Vatican’s secret goal to conquer the world The Earth is home to nearly 13 billion Catholics – close to one fifth of the world’s population, and as many as all 32-and-a-half thousand of the other Christian denominations combined There are Catholics in every country, all looking to the Vatican for guidance

The influence of the Vatican translates into wealth The Vatican Bank alone is estimated to have over $8 billion in assets; the Vatican itself has another $12 billion in assets That doesn’t include the Church’s wealth in different countries – for instance, the Catholic Church in Ireland owns around $4 billion in land and property The actual income of the Church is unknown; the Vatican is notoriously opaque about its finances

In recent years, Pope Francis has been criticised for extending his authority over all the Vatican and Catholic organisations The Knights of Malta are just the latest example But it may go even deeper than that In the late 1960s a Spanish-American fundamentalist Christian called Alberto Rivera made some startling allegations against the Vatican He claimed he was a Catholic priest, and that he was trained specifically to infiltrate and destroy Protestant Christian church communities

In his time as a spy for the Vatican, he learned that Rome had deliberately created Freemasonry, Communism, the Nazis and engineered the Holocaust Major assassinations through history, like JFK and Abraham Lincoln, were the work of the Vatican, as were cultist mass-suicides like the Jonestown Massacre All this, Rivera said, was done to extend the Vatican’s power over the whole world Alberto Rivera’s claims seem outlandish, but there are historical precedents for the Vatican’s evil deeds As a missionary religion, the Catholic Church has constantly aimed to convert the world to its belief system

In medieval Europe, it set up the Inquisition to investigate and eventually persecute heretics – that is, Christians who diverged from Rome’s teachings In the same era, the Popes sanctioned several crusades against Islam in the Middle East, slaughtering millions To a certain extent, conflict between Catholics and their perceived enemies has never ceased, from wars in Europe to genocide in Africa Meanwhile, the Vatican Bank has been plagued by scandals In the 1970s and 1980s, it was involved in money laundering and a series of related murders

It was accused of holding assets for the mafia and corrupt politicians Most damningly, Pope Pius XII spent his career reorganising the Church to give direct power to Rome During World War Two, as well as believing in the Vatican’s authoritarian rights over all Catholics, journalist John Cornwell accuses him of permitting the Holocaust to happen Pius XII effectively legitimized Hitler’s regime when politicians and Catholics around the world condemned him Alberto Rivera’s stories about a grand Vatican plan to achieve world domination through death and destruction seem surprisingly plausible in light of the Catholic Church’s history

The problem with Rivera’s claims is Rivera himself Though he said he was a trained Catholic priest, there is no record of his admittance to the clergy He told stories about being tortured by the Church in Spain, and about rescuing his sister from a convent In reality, he was in America at the time, and his sister was never a nun – she was a live-in maid Rivera’s reputation was further damaged in an expose by Cornerstone Magazine, which revealed he had been accused of several acts of fraud, as well as forged papers

Cornerstone Magazine was an evangelical Christian newspaper Rivera dismissed its criticism as yet another part of the Vatican’s scheme against him Alberto Rivera died in 1997 He did not live to see the rise of Pope Francis, and the ensuing rift in the church between Francis’ supporters and conservative Catholics who believe he is a communist, or even the anti-Christ Francis has caused great controversy by promising to clean the Church of corruption, of exposing and discouraging extravagance and abuse by the clergy

If anything, the current pope goes against everything Rivera claimed Nevertheless, anti-Catholics continue to accept Rivera’s stories They seem to forget the prominence of Islam, which has one quarter of the world’s population They also overlook the fact that only three countries besides the Vatican have catholicism as their state religion Although the influence of the Vatican must not be underestimated, it is nonetheless important that most Christian nations separate church and state

In this state of affairs, how much can the Vatican exert control? The Vatican and the Catholic Church have been involved with, and directly caused, many atrocities throughout history As a missionary religion, it is undeniably focused on converting as many people as it can But claims that it has single-handedly engineered the dark course of human history to achieve world domination are problematic Firstly, the theory is often espoused by untrustworthy men like Alberto Rivera Secondly, the Church’s various schemes seem to contradict each other, and in recent decades have actually weakened Rome’s authority

Whether or not you accept this theory, seems very much to be a matter of faith

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