Jade Helm: The U.S.A. vs Texas

7 states, 8 weeks, and 1200 soldiers Welcome to Jade Helm, one of the biggest military operations to ever take place on American soil

From July 15th to September 15th 2015, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas will all serve as armed districts for Jade Helm 15 These states in particular have been chosen because their terrains replicate regions overseas that American troops often find themselves fighting in But according to a survey conducted by the University of Texas, almost half of all Texans believe that the US government has ulterior motives for the operation In June 2015 a historic supreme court ruling made same-sex marriage legal across all 50 US states But Texas has been defying federal law by refusing marriage licences to gay couples

Texas is suspicious that this training exercise is in fact a cover for the US Government to deploy military personnel on the streets, in order to impose equal marriage laws in their state The announcement of Jade Helm 15 was accompanied with this map, which shows the areas of America designated for military operations Each of the 7 states are color-coded to correspond with the degree of hostility of the training missions that will take place there The entirety of Texas has been labeled ‘hostile’ and this has seriously angered the state’s citizens Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mark Lastoria insists that these designations are arbitrary and that the military will only be operating in remote parts of the country

But in a radical move, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has ordered state guards to monitor the military procedures within Texas, to ensure the safety of his community Critics have condemned Abbott’s decision for pandering to right-wing paranoia But Texas has a history of defying the Obama administration, so the notion of the US government employing martial law to enforce federal decisions isn’t that far-fetched Its citizens are frightened that previous Republican rebukes against Obama’s policies on immigration, healthcare, and education will cause Obama to respond with military force And their fears aren’t totally unfounded – a Texas takeover has happened before

When the American civil war ended in 1865, the confederate states refused to comply with new federal law, which abolished slavery and enforced human rights for African-Americans President Abraham Lincoln enforced martial law across 10 southern states of America, while the country rebuilt itself 20,000 troops were deployed from Texas to Virginia, to closely monitor local government and prevent racial discrimination – using force if necessary Today a similar story unfolds, as Texas defies the equal marriage law If the US Government feels obliged to use military action to enforce this law, then history may be about to repeat itself

In response to the fearmongering, White House Press secretary Josh Earnest has announced that the army’s presence will in no way affect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of American citizens Earnest made clear that the army will not be traveling incognito, but will in fact be wearing uniforms and orange armbands, so that their location is clear at all times What’s more, Texas would be wise to remember that the United States has routinely launched military exercises within its own country, similar to Jade Helm, for decades Since 1974 the ‘Robin Sage’ operation has trained special forces to fight in the imaginary country of ‘Pineland’, in close proximity to American civilians And in the 2001 ‘Roving Sands’ exercise, allied countries assembled in the United States for 1 month to coordinate their air defense systems

As Jade Helm paranoia invades the Southern States, it’s likely that this military operation is just a game

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