The 9/11 Conspiracy: An Insurance Scam?

2,977 innocent people died on 9/11 Nothing can express the loss experienced by the families of the victims

One man, however, made several billion dollars in insurance from the destruction of the World Trade Center That man is property magnate Larry Silverstein Known as 'Lucky Larry', conspiracy theorists believe he was aware of the terror attacks before they ever happened The World Trade Center was publicly owned until July 24th, 2001, when Larry Silverstein acquired the leasehold of buildings 1, 2, 4 and 5 – including the Twin Towers The deal gave Silverstein the World Trade Center for 99 years, and was worth $3

2 billion The terms of the lease also meant he was entitled and obliged to rebuild the World Trade Center should the buildings be destroyed Silverstein immediately drew up new insurance policies for the World Trade Center, with 23 different insurance companies Together, the policies covered the buildings to the tune of $355 billion

Most significantly, Silverstein changed the standard policy on the buildings to include a clause covering the occurrence of a terrorist attack Just such an attack happened on September 11th, 2001 – fewer than two months after Silverstein took out the new insurance policy Peculiarly, Silverstein should have been in the Twin Towers when the planes hit Silverstein ate at the Windows of the World restaurant on the top floors of the North Tower every morning – except on September 11th Silverstein says he had a doctor's appointment instead

In fact, by his own admission, he never left his house Furthermore, his two children were also due to have separate work meetings in the Twin Towers but they both were running late and avoided the attacks In addition, while firefighters battled to save the neighbouring Building 7, Silverstein ordered them to 'pull it', letting the building collapse The Scholars for 9/11 Truth argue that Silverstein actually had prior knowledge of the terror attacks Much like the CIA warned the President about an incoming Al Qaeda attack, and had sufficient information to catch the hijackers before their plan was underway, conspiracy theorists believe Silverstein could have been party to warnings of the September attack

They say Silverstein used his advanced knowledge to seize the opportunity to buy the first private lease on the World Trade Center, in order to benefit from the world's biggest insurance scam In the aftermath of 9/11, while the world mourned, Silverstein put in a claim for $71 billion payouts from his insurers, on the basis that there had been two separate attacks and he was therefore entitled to double the $355 billion coverage provided by the policy After a long legal battle lasting several years, Silverstein finally won $4

55 billion from the insurers This money would be used to rebuild the skyscrapers Silverstein fulfilled the obligations of his lease and constructed One World Trade Center on the site of the Twin Towers It cost $39 billion and was completed in July 2013

However, when the new building was finished, Silverstein sued the airlines whose planes were hijacked on 9/11 for another $35 billion, claiming that their negligence led to the destruction of the World Trade Center The judge ruled against him Silverstein's critics claim he has shamelessly tried to profit from one of the worst human tragedies in history Conspiracy theorists claim that his profiteering was prompted by prior knowledge of the terrorist attacks

Lucky Larry has denied that he had any awareness of the attacks until they happened The redevelopment of the whole World Trade Center site has cost around $15 billion Meanwhile, Silverstein has continued to pay the annual ground rent of $100 million even while no buildings stood and no construction took place at Ground Zero It's hard to see how he planned to profit from his $71 billion insurance claim and his $3

5 billion lawsuit against the airlines, given the total cost of reconstruction Nevertheless, Silverstein's lawsuit against the airlines is still on appeal

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