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hello and welcome to all-time conspiracies now every year some of the world's most powerful political and business leaders meet among the California redwood trees in the Bohemian Grove 415 day retreat and while they insist is gathering is purely recreational it is incredibly secretive which begs the question what happens in Bohemian Grove the Bohemian Club was founded in 1872 and its membership has included some of the most powerful and influential people on the planet the list includes many former Republican presidents business leaders and Hollywood stars if you want to join the all-male elitist Club you either have to be invited by multiple members or join the decades-long waiting list you must also pay twenty five thousand dollars as well as the annual two and a half thousand dollar membership fee over the years several people have infiltrated the camp and reported disturbing occult rituals one of these people was Alex Jones who recorded footage from one of the rituals could the cremation of care the secrecy and elitist nature of the club has naturally prompted a multitude of conspiracies over the years but which theory is most likely to be true what happens in the Bohemian Grove one of the most bizarre aspects we know about the Bohemian Grove is that they conduct a strange ceremony called the crow nation of care guests dress up in robes and bone a coffin effigy in front of a 40-foot stone owl the official purpose of this ceremony is to symbolically banish the worldly cares of all the members however the occult symbolism and sacrificial nature has prompted many to believe there is a darker more sinister side to this ritual historians have drawn connections between the 40-foot owl the club worships and the ancient Canaanite god Moloch though the ceremony performed at the Bohemian Grove and those performed in deference to Moloch differ in key ways similarities between the two are striking both involve massive effigies of animal gods and a sacrifice by fire in ancient times children were sacrificed to Moloch so parents could gain the favor of the god some posits Moloch symbolized the terrifying power of nature and the sacrifice of the child showed the lengths to which power-hungry people will go to achieve their ultimate goals Alex Jones characterized the ceremony as a ritualistic shedding of conscience and empathy and an abuse of power in his video recording you can hear audible screams during the effigy burning screams that Jones says could be real do the members of the Bohemian Grove sacrifice humans so I think you've got to say Robin regardless of if they're actually sacrificing people this is a weird thing to do as a very wedding day it's like they're just encouraging conspiracies at this point yeah I mean how to avert suspicion burn a coffin in front of a giant owl statue but what do you think do you think I'm actually sacrificing people it's a bit of a leap we don't really have that kind of proof and over here in the UK every year in November we burn effigies of Guy Fawkes and usually our Prime Minister another politician who celebrities that is true but I wouldn't doubt the resources of the you know the event organizers I think if anyone had the resources to just yes kidnap someone make them disappear and then sacrifice them with like no really these guys it would be these people yeah like some of the world's most powerful people but I think the question you've got to ask then is why would they do this is it just some kind of weird power trick that the rich get or is it just do they actually worship this 44 foul Moloch but I thought my walk was a bull yeah that's very true and that's something that you can't really ignore with this theory why would they change its iconography if they actually worshiped yeah yeah I think it is a bit of a stretch to say that that actually sacrificing people you're right this seems like a hodgepodge ceremony of you know a bunch of late Victorian early 20th century rich people saying oh let's let's do something traditional you know a pretentious ceremony by pretentious people but we can't write it off it's possible we did we don't know we don't know they keep the secret very well I mean who's to say all the people they think the coffin is empty but a person organising the ceremony has actually got a victim in there well Alex Jones did say when he visited that he heard screams coming from the coffin and could just be a recording but we just don't know the motto of the Bohemian Grove is weaving spiders come not here this motto means that business deals are not allowed to be made while at the camp yet despite this numerous reports would suggest otherwise with some even suggesting that global world altering decisions are made at the Grove when he infiltrated the camp in 1989 reporter Philip Weiss said that this rule is widely ignored the Bohemian Club themselves even boast about the fact that the Manhattan Project was first conceptualized at the camp in 1942 leading to the creation of the first atomic bomb with so many powerful people in one place you have to wonder if there isn't some nefarious planning going on could these powerful figures be preparing the New World Order could the Bohemian Grove even be home to the real Illuminati so Robin I think is a bit of a stretch to say that this is the Illuminati I think maybe that's something a bit different if it does exist but I have no doubt that massive global would you always get decided you can't have these people all in one place for weeks on end and not talk about business not talk about what they do in their daily lives there's all kinds of so yeah sure the rule might be no deals are made here as in no contracts are signed but these people it's a massive networking event they're going to be talking about it they're gonna be thinking about it it definitely opens yeah absolutely and we've got reliable evidence testimony from people that have infiltrated the Grove that say this rule is widely ignored and the group themselves boast about the fact that the Manhattan Project was first conceptualized there in 1942 so right no deals happen here unless they change the course of history absolutely like obviously deals are going to be made here if not written contracts then definitely handshake agreements or that kind of thing and as a result world-changing events take place you know the most powerful people in the world are there planning their own futures which affects the huge rubber soled so you could say in a way this is home to the New World Order or almost maybe what do you think do you think that the Bohemian Grove is home to the New World Order let us know in the poll above in 2004 the New York Post reported that a gay porn star by the name of Chad Savage was employed as a valet at the Bohemian Grove he allegedly said that he made the beds and attended to the guests every need there have been numerous rumors and reports over the years but one of the key aspects of the Bohemian Grove is that it operates a male prostitution ring when asked about the Bohemian Grove by a heckler Bill Clinton responded by saying that's where all those rich Republicans go and stand naked against those redwood trees right conspiracy theorists Alex Jones claimed that when he visited the Grove he was propositioned by men and witnessed homosexual imagery on display finally Richard Nixon once famously described the gathering as could these numerous accounts show that the Bohemian Grove is actually a male prostitution ring so Robin there's a lot of compelling testimony here what I would say is that this could just be one big misunderstanding yeah my quote from Richard Nixon sounds like back then faggy had a different meaning yeah it wasn't just homosexual stuff it's like anything that's fun masculine and I think we've seen the itinerary of some years of the behavior as a relief doesn't yeah yeah it's been leaked because they release the itinerary to their members but then over the years some of these members have released into the public and a lot of it just seems like plays and obviously as it's an all man's hope that this involves a lot of dressing up of drag and I think that could be what Richard Nixon was referring to it doesn't necessarily mean there's a male prostitution ring going on that I mean what do you think about this Chad Sava fella this guy is interesting fun yeah so works was a valley and serves to the members every needs I have no reason to disbelieve well I mean I think he works that I think yes it's difficult to then make the leap and say he's an acting as a male prostitute oh boy here's the thing this is 21st century robbing people have second jobs why yes he's a gay porn star he could he can also just be a ballad if there is a male prostitution ring why aren't them the prostitutes talking about their experience it's like oh yeah by the way I shagged Ronald Regan what where's the story so I think of all the fairies this seems like the least likely any if they couldn't keep pizza gay secret they definitely couldn't keep it a secret it's exactly the Bohemian Grove has successfully maintained its strict code of secrecy while it's unlikely they actually sacrifice people at the Grove it is entirely possible that global well would altering decisions are made there and bearing that in mind I think that of all the theories we've looked at today the most likely is that Bohemian Grove could be considered the new world order but what do you think do you believe the Bohemian Grove is home to the Illuminati or is it just a seedy men's club problem let us know in the comments below as well as any other conspiracies you'd like us to discuss and if you enjoyed this video and you like what we're doing this channel then please consider liking subscribing showing the rear with your friends clicking that Bell icon to make sure you keep up to date with all our latest videos and consider supporting us on patreon either way guys thanks for watching and we'll see you next time you

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