The Freemasons Conspiracy

It’s the world’s largest and oldest secret organisation with an estimated 6 million members worldwide Notable members include Presidents, musical geniuses and even current members of the British Royal Family

But why does this secret society need to keep itself and its mysterious rituals a secret? This is The Freemasons: Declassified While the origin of the Freemasons is subject to speculation, there is a general consensus that they developed from the stonemasons guilds of the Middle Ages These guilds were the medieval equivalent of trade unions and were made up of the skilled tradesmen who built the great cathedrals of Europe These stone masons had the freedom to travel without restriction across the continent and were often referred to as ‘free stone masons’ The Stone Masons continued to be a trade guild until the Enlightenment when the ideals of reason and science became popular with gentlemen scholars The Church suppressed the new ideas of science and persecuted anyone who suggested the world could be explained without God

To avoid the religious inquisitions, the gentlemen scholars founded the Stonemasons guild, which appeared to represent the enlightenment ideals they were trying to follow For the Stonemasons, these gentlemen brought a respectability In 1599, the earliest recorded minutes of a meeting held in a masonic lodge show that they were still meeting as a trade union But in 1717, the four London lodges met to declare themselves a Grand Lodge – the first in the world Just 6 years later, the London Grand Lodge published The Book of Constitutions of Masonry

By 1736, both Scotland and Ireland had established their own Grand Lodges and together, the three started to spread masonry overseas By 1814 there were 647 lodges, but by 1900, there were 2,800 worldwide Although modern Freemasonry is a fraternity that accepts members of all races, it wasn’t always this way Because of American racial attitudes, African-Americans developed their own Freemasonry independently; in 1776, they began to meet in a lodge in Boston which was formally chartered as African Lodge #459 in 1784 The descendants of the African-American lodges developed an entirely separate system called Prince Hall Masonry, which was named after the first Grand Master at African Lodge #459

While Freemasonry is primarily a fraternity, there have been some established lodges that included, or were exclusively for, women The Order of the Eastern Star was created in 1855 and accepted men and women Currently there are even some women-only branches of Freemasonry Freemasonry is plagued with rumours that they are part of a conspiracy to take over the world This is hardly surprisingly considering who they count as members

Some of history’s most powerful men have been part of the fraternity including Winston Churchill, Voltaire and Mozart But that’s not all; Robbie Burns, Anthony Trollope, Rudyard Kipling, Harry Houdini, King Edward VII, King Edward VIII, King George IV, King George VI and King William IV, Buzz Aldrin, Louis Armstrong, Clark Gable, John Hancock, J Edgar Hoover, Charles C Hilton, General Douglas MacArthur, Sugar Ray Robinson, Alexander Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oliver Hardy, Nat King Cole and even Buffalo Bill are just some of the famous faces who graced masonic lodges all over the world And America isn’t exempt either; 9 signers of the Declaration of Independence along with 13 presidents have been Masons These include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall, who helped to develop the Supreme Court

The most recent Presidential freemasons were Roosevelt, Truman and Ford Because of their secretive nature, very little is known about what goes on inside the Masonic halls The masons’ symbolic rituals are also shrouded in secrecy But through the revelations of current and past freemasons, we do know a little about the initiation ceremony for new masons The initiation ceremony is said to reenact the masonic legend of Hiram Abiff – one of the master stone masons of King Solomon’s Temple

Abiff was murdered by three jealous apprentices after he refused to reveal the designs of the temple During the initiation ceremony of a master mason, the candidate fulfills the role of Hiram Abiff and is ceremoniously ‘killed’ by the masons who are taking part in the ceremony After the candidate’s ‘death’, other Freemasons try to revive him three times; on the third attempt, he is reborn This ceremony is designed to represent and teach the immortality of the soul Secret handshakes are also purported to be a common occurrence within the fraternity

The Masons themselves trace this tradition back to the Middle Age Stonemasons Due to their freedom of movement, Stonemasons often traveled to countries where they did not speak the language; when introducing themselves to the master Stonemason, they had to distinguish their skill level as either apprentice, journeyman, or master mason Each skill set had a different handshake that would demonstrate what type of work the travelling free stone mason could achieve This tradition of different handshakes has supposedly continued until this day While the origins of these rituals are reported to be unknown even to those who practise them, others believe that the masonic rituals are descended from the Knights Templar – a group of 12th century knights who originally protected Christians on pilgrimages to the Holy Land

While the Masons appear to have a close connection to the Judeo-Christian tradition, the Catholic Church has repeatedly condemned them Although the links to the Knight’s Templar haven’t been conclusively proved, the Catholic Church also condemned the Freemasons in 1738 Pope Clement XII issued his first papal bull declaring the secret society to be depraved and perverted; he demanded that no Catholic should support them under pain of excommunication Religious condemnation from a political force as powerful as the Catholic Church as well as centuries of secrecy has resulted in the Freemasons being included in countless conspiracy theories The Freemasons themselves have always stated that they are simply a civic group that is designed to build friendships and encourage responsibility and charity

In fact, they claim to donate $15m a day to causes across the world But their secrecy and powerful members have led others to believe that there is a reason why the Freemasons conduct their activities within the safety of their lodges And until the Freemasons really open up their organisation, the question will always remain, what are they trying to hide?

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