The Hollow Sun Theory

The Sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System and the most important source of energy for human life It is thought to have formed nearly 4

6 billion years ago The nearly perfect spherical ball of plasma has a diameter about 109 times bigger than that of Earth and around three quarters of its mass consists of hydrogen The rest is predominantly helium, with some smaller amounts of heavier elements such as oxygen, carbon, neon and iron However, there is a theory that the Sun is in fact, hollow Presenting the notion that it is actually a shell of hydrogen with a vacuum interior, a vacuum that induces gravity

And some UFOlogists take this theory one step further and suggest that it has a world 1000X larger than our own inside it But could there possibly be any truth in this? The origin of The Hollow Sun Theory is most commonly linked to UFOlogist Jeffery Wolynski, who believes the Sun contains no interior core and will one day shrink and collapse on itself like a huge bursting balloon Wolynski argues that the Sun will form an iron/nickel core from incoming meteorites and asteroids and ultimately become a life-hosting planet Therefore he insinuates that not only are stars planets, but that a planet is an ancient evolving star Youtuber Stephen Goodfellow takes Wolynski’s theory and further asserts that inside the Sun “is a shell of hydrogen with an absolute vacuum interior

” In his video, he backs up his rather out-there claims with three plausible reasons why he believes his assumption is correct The first discusses Helioseismology in terms of the acoustic pressure waves in the Sun Goodfellow says that scientists have discovered that the Sun rings, similarly to a bell, and these movements are much easier to circulate through a thin plasma shell, than through an extremely dense object Next, he says that if the sun were formed by an accumulation of interstellar matter, it ought to be rotating much faster than it is Like how a spinning iceskater accelerates by drawing in their arms, the sun in the centre of the solar system ought to have the highest quantity of rotation

But when we look at the Solar System, Jupiter, the largest gas giant, has the highest quantity of rotation It rotates once every ten hours, whereas the sun rotates once every 30 days Finally he claims that the reason why there are visible dark depressions known as sunspots on the Sun’s surface is because we are looking in towards the absolute vacuum of the sun through temporary thinning of the solar hydrogen This last argument is echoed by many UFOlogists, in particular Eric Dollard, from Sonoma State University Dollard claims that the Sun is unquestionably hollow and the sunspots are holes that allow you to see inside it

If so, this further suggests there is no nuclear furnace in the middle Scientists are reluctant to accept that the black spots equate to the hollow sun theory, and claim that the spots are not actually dark, but are simply the product of filters and lenses used to get a clear image of the sun However, on March 18th 2016, The Metro newspaper published an image that could prove the Hollow Sun theory The picture, taken by NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite, shows a line of bright light cutting through the Sun’s core Spotted by Youtuber and alien hunter, TheWatcher252, he first suggested that it was evidence of an alien spacecraft, and according to the Inquisitr, other UFOlogists agree

Yet not all UFOlogists were on board with the idea that the craft was an ‘alien megastructure’ lined with millions of solar panels that were harvesting energy from the Sun, because it would be millions of miles in diameter The creator of UFO Sightings Daily , Scott C Waring, gave a nod to TheWatcher252 for spotting the object, but put forth a different suggestion for what it could be He said that the picture shows a door that allows UFO’s to enter and exit the sun He wrote in his blog: “For many UFO researchers it is believed that the Sun itself is an artificial structure, with a flaming camouflage on the outside and a massive world 1000X our own on the inside” Waring said that the image provides credence to the ongoing Hollow Sun theory that conspiracy theorists have been declaring for years

To this day, people continue to discuss what this unidentified object on the Sun could be and whether this proves that it is in fact, hollow It still remains a mystery and scientists have not put forth a credible explanation for it Yet as they disagree with The Hollow Sun Theory in general, it is highly likely they will put forth a scientific explanation for it

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