The Mysteries of Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales has always been more than a member of the British royal family to the public Known all over the world, her kindness, activism and style touched many souls

She’s a fully-fledged icon and as such her entire life, her death and even her legacy are surrounded by neverending mysteries and rumours Many of these questions revolve around the car crash that caused the tragic loss of Lady Diana and her companion Dodi Al-Fayed, on 31st August 1997 in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris The Princess of Wales was living a peaceful life after her long-awaited divorce from Prince Charles was finally made official in 1996 Seeing such an admired figure losing her life so young, at only 36 years old, shocked the world And maybe losing a young icon like Lady Diana caused such an intense pain that the public couldn't accept a simple accident as an explanation of the event

The first to be blamed was Diana’s driver, Henri Paul Toxicologists said Paul was three times over the legal drink-drive limit But the wreckage of the couple’s black Mercedes revealed traces of paint from an impact with another car Many claimed it to be proof of a planned accident that involved a second car This was later identified as a Fiat Uno, owned by a Vietnamese immigrant

But according to the police, the Fiat wasn’t the direct cause of the accident They say it was scraped by Diana’s drunk driver in an attempt to escape some paparazzi that were chasing the Princess But there’s more All the seat belts appeared to be in order, except Diana’s Furthermore, conspiracy theorist Alan Power notes that despite there being 14 CCTV cameras in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, no CCTV footage of the crash was ever found

Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi Al-Fayed’s father, thinks MI6 orchestrated the accident He believes Diana was pregnant with his son Since Dodi was Muslim, Mohamed claims the child would have been Muslim Therefore, according to him, MI6 caused the accident to prevent Diana’s unborn Muslim child from entering the Christian royal family It’s not clear though why should they kill the Princess for such a reason

In fact, the British royalty has always been allowed to marry Muslims, Jews or Hindus Nevertheless, Mohamed kept claiming this even after the 2008 official inquest into Diana’s death concluded there was no evidence that she was pregnant when she died However, Professor Angela Gallop, one of the UK’s leading forensic scientists, recently revealed there’s evidence Diana might have been pregnant on the night of the accident Last February Gallop explained that “the blood transfusions the princess had received after the accident might have complicated the pregnancy test So the best sample for testing was some blood that had been recovered from the carpet in the footwell of her seat in the Mercedes

” Furthermore, former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson stated to the official enquiry he believed MI6 holds some important, relevant documents According to him, “[These documents] would yield important new evidence into the cause and circumstances leading to the death of the princess of Wales” Tomlinson referred to a plan by MI6 to kill former Serbian president Slobodan Milošević, that bore striking similarities to Diana’s fatal accident Tomlinson said the Milošević assassination plan involved staging a car crash by using a powerful strobe light to blind the president’s driver On the night of Diana’s accident, witnesses purportedly saw a similar flash just before the accident

Yet, Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of the Secret Intelligence Service, dismissed this evidence To add fuel to the fire, in December 2007, Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, revealed a letter from 1993 in which Diana claimed her ex-husband, Prince Charles, planned to kill her in a staged car accident However, witnesses say Burrell forged the letter, making his evidence just mere speculation However, we now know that, according to some sources, Lady Diana’s fear wasn’t unusual for her Inspector Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard of the Princess, in 2016 revealed that Diana became paranoid after the death of Barry Mannakee

Mannakee was Diana's personal bodyguard He and Diana grew very close, and he was rumoured to have had an affair with the Princess Eventually, Mannakee was reassigned to other diplomatic duties to prevent a scandal One year later, in 1987, he was killed in a road accident Quite a coincidence, isn’t it? James Hewitt, another of the Princess’s lovers, claimed, without any proof, that Mannakee had been murdered by a rogue British intelligence officer

Moreover, in January 2019, Diana’s fashion consultant and friend Roberto Devorik revealed Gianni Versace’s murder upset her so much that her paranoia increased Versace was killed just a month before Diana’s accident She was so convinced something terrible would happen to her that she once told him: “They will do it when I am in a small plane, in a car when I am driving, or in a helicopter” On April 2nd 2008 the official investigation into her death concluded that no evidence to prove Diana was assassinated had been found The case was closed

Until August 2013, when Scotland Yard announced they were assessing new evidence suggesting the British SAS may have killed Diana Actually, the Princess of Wales was in an Anti-Landmines campaign, which threatened the arms industry Could the SAS assassinate Lady Diana in response to her advocacy? Apparently not, since Scotland Yard soon proved those allegations false But there is new evidence that no one has proven false, yet Robin and Jack Firestone are an American married couple who have claimed for years to be the first witnesses to reach the crash site

They say they entered the Pont de l’Alma tunnel just minutes after the crash They claim to have seen two dark cars that had stopped in front of the Princess’s Mercedes, which they now believe were involved in the car crash They say they have tried to tell police what they saw several times during the years but their claims were so controversial that both French and British authorities never pursued them To the Firestones, this proves that something is being covered up The Firestones’ testimony is extremely important because, if proven true, it would mean someone else was actually involved in the accident

So, why have the authorities never even tried to follow up on this lead? At present, nobody knows But the Firestones’ question is not the only unsolved mystery about Diana For instance, it is unknown why the Princess’ family ignored her final wishes According to Diana’s will, 75 percent of her jewellery and possessions were to be divided between her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, with the remaining 25 percent divided among Diana’s 17 godchildren It also stipulated that £50,000 should go to her butler

The remainder of her estate was to be placed in trust for the princes until they each turned 25 As executors the will named Princess Diana’s mother and sister, entrusted with making sure Diana’s wishes were respected But in December 1997, the two women went to court and obtained a “variation order,” that allowed them to distribute the princess’s estate differently from how she’d specified The Princes would not receive their share of the inheritance until the age of 30, although they would begin receiving income distributions at age 25 Instead of splitting 25 percent of Princess Diana’s jewels and possessions, each of the godchildren would receive a single memento, chosen by the executors

And none of that would happen until the younger prince, Harry, turned 30 in 2014 During the 17 years following the variation order, 150 items from Princess Diana’s possessions travelled the world as part of an exhibition put together by Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer The exhibition raised more than $2 million that the family awarded to a charitable fund created in Diana’s memory Since Princess Diana was highly devoted to charitable causes when she was alive, it does seem like a noble act by her family But even so, why Diana’s family so blatantly ignored her wishes remains a mystery

However, not all the rumours about Lady Diana arose after her death Diana’s lifetime was always the centre of gossip and speculation, that she eventually learnt to live with But there’s one particular rumour the Princess struggled with that hurt her the most This is the well-known theory that James Hewitt, not Prince Charles, was Prince Harry’s biological father Diana and Hewitt had a brief affair in 1986

And that has been proved Knowing this, theorists believe the resemblance between Prince Harry and Hewitt, and the limited similarities between Harry and Charles, is no coincidence This theory could actually make sense, if it weren’t for the fact that Harry was born in 1984, two years before Diana’s affair Therefore, if numbers don’t lie, James Hewitt can’t be the Prince’s father Speaking of Diana’s affairs, another rumour claims she and John F

Kennedy Jr were secret lovers Officially, the two met only once in 1995 at her Hotel Suite in New York At the time, Princess Diana was separated from Prince Charles, while John F Kennedy Jr was dating the publicist Carolyn Bessette

They only met for an hour and a half If it were true, could the Kennedy Curse have affected Lady Diana destiny in some way? It’s weird to think But an even weirder theory has been spreading in the past few years The rumour was started in 2015 by some American and Spanish tabloids They stated Diana and Charles actually had a secret daughter before Prince William was born, on 21st June 1982

How? The answer, according to the theory, is to be found in the gynaecological tests Lady Diana underwent in December 1980 The evaluation was made to establish if she was capable of bearing children before her engagement to the heir to the British throne could be announced During the procedure, Diana’s eggs were harvested and fertilised with Prince Charles’s sperm The tests proved successful, and the engagement of Charles and Diana was announced The embryos were ordered to be destroyed

But, according to the theory, one of the doctor's team secretly held one of the embryos and implanted it in his own wife, who became the surrogate mother of the biological child of Charles and Diana The baby girl was born just a few weeks after the royal wedding and she was named Sarah Then, in her late 20s, her parents were both killed in a car accident After their deaths, she came across a diary which revealed that she was the product of a donated embryo and of in vitro fertilisation According to the woman, she attempted to trace the origin of the donated embryo to find out who she really was

But after receiving a menacing message, warning her to stop looking for her biological parents if she valued her life, she emigrated to the US, where she now lives under a secret identity If it sounds like a plot of a novel to you, that’s probably because it is In 2011, a former New York businesswoman, Nancy E Ryan, self-published a novel entitled “The Disappearance Of Olivia”

The novel’s storyline is the same as the theory shared by the tabloids Despite this, the theory was already unbelievable and full of nonsense facts and sources The only solid evidence is the gynaecological examination Lady Diana underwent in 1980 Yet, people keep spreading rumours, proving them with photoshopped pictures and alleged secret meetings between Sarah and members of the royal family Twenty-two years after the Princess’ death, her myth and legacy continue to grow

Maybe all these theories and rumours about her are part of that: just a form of adoration by some to keep the memory of the People’s Princess alive

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