The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe

She was one of the most iconic stars of the twentieth century In the 1950s Marilyn Monroe’s signature blonde curls, curvy figure, and endearing soft-spoken persona earned her international fame

As a top-billing actress and model, Monroe’s films grossed over $200 million She starred in hits such as The Seven Year Itch, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, alongside actors like Jane Russell and Cary Grant But on August 5th 1962 Monroe’s stardom was cut short, when she was found dead in her Los Angeles home, aged just 36 The official coroner’s report confirmed suicide as the cause of her death, but inconsistent witness reports and surprising autopsy discoveries undermine this confirmation This has caused many fans and journalists to speculate that Marilyn Monroe was – in fact – murdered

At 3:50am on August 5th, Monroe’s physician Dr Engelberg arrived at her home and discovered her face down on the bed She had died five to seven hours earlier Toxicologists concluded that Monroe had overdosed on barbiturates, highly powerful and addictive sedatives used to treat severe anxiety Lethal amounts of the drugs were discovered in her blood and liver

Empty medicinal bottles were found next to her bed But some things did not add up There were no traces of the pills in Monroe’s stomach, nor was there any vomit at the scene This contradicts the coroner’s conclusion that suicidal overdose was the cause of death There was also no liquid in the room, which raises questions as to how she even swallowed the tablets

And subsequent investigations have highlighted inconsistencies with the accepted timeline The LA District Attorney discovered that an ambulance had arrived at the property as early as 11pm If this was the case, then why wasn’t Monroe saved? The CIA, FBI, and Mafia have all been linked to Monroe’s murder, but the majority of theories revolve around one man: Robert Kennedy Toward the end of her life, Monroe was known to have had a brief affair with American President John F Kennedy

And it’s speculated that she also dated his younger brother, New York Senator Robert Kennedy Journalist Anthony Scaduto reports that Monroe had kept a red diary, in which she documented her affairs with JFK and Robert Scaduto claims that she threatened to publicly announce her affairs with both men – besmirching their reputations and potentially even revealing state secrets In 2014 Jay Margolis and Richard Buskin published The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed The book claims that Robert Kennedy arranged Monroe’s murder, in order to silence her, and staged the death as a suicide

According to the authors, Robert and his brother-in-law actor Peter Lawford employed the physician Dr Greenson to drug Monroe while they searched for her incriminating diary And there are even witnesses who testify to the incident Responding to the ambulance call for Monroe, paramedic James Edwin Hall witnessed physician Dr Greenson plunging a hypodermic syringe into Monroe’s chest

Monroe’s relationship with the Mafia is also highly suspicious Her stylist revealed that she spent her last night alive socialising with Mafia Boss Sam Giancana [jee-an-kaa-na] One other theory is that Monroe was murdered by Giancana and American labor union leader Jimmy Hoffa In the late 1950s, Hoffa and Giancana were being investigated as part of Robert Kennedy’s crackdown on organised crime, and Monroe was caught in the middle of this feud When Monroe’s house was renovated in 1972, an extensive system of wire-traps was uncovered

It’s suspected that this had been planted by the Mafia, in order to discover incriminating evidence that they could use against the Kennedys Private detective Milo Speriglio argues that the feud could have had two possible outcomes for Monroe Either the Mafia realised that she was not going to voluntarily help them blackmail the White House, and they disposed of her, or her death was orchestrated to frame Robert Kennedy These speculations led to a review investigation in 1982 But neither this, nor the initial investigation in 1962 claims to have found any substantial evidence that proves that Monroe’s death was a homicide

For years, Monroe struggled with health issues, anxiety, and drug addiction, brought on by the pressures of international fame She also miscarried twice and suffered an ectopic pregnancy Sadly, it is therefore plausible that the actress would have chosen to end her life In fact, her doctors revealed that Monroe had attempted to do so numerous times before Her earliest attempt when she was just 19 years old

Nevertheless, Monroe’s death is still discussed today, over 50 years after it happened Her legacy is the subject of many books and articles, with many asserting that there was indeed something suspicious about the final hours of this Hollywood Star

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