The Mysterious Death Of Paul Walker

On November 30th 2013 Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker was killed in a car crash in California The 40-year-old star was riding in a Porsche sports car with his friend Roger Rodas when the car collided into a concrete pole on Hercules Street in Santa Clarita

The car burst into flames on impact; both Walker and Rodas were found dead at the scene Almost immediately after his death was announced, theories began circulating on forums, which claimed that Walker had been horrifically murdered Some fans suggest that Walker was killed because he knew something that he shouldn’t have – and was targeted by an all-powerful, elite organisation Paul Walker was born in Los Angeles in September 1973 He started his acting career on US television, before working his way up to Hollywood blockbusters

Prior to his death, he had an estimated net worth of around $30 million Conspiracy theorists claim that Walker’s progression to stardom helped him build relationships with elitist organizations, like the Illuminati These global elites supposedly reward their members with gifts and fortune to solidify their affiliation with the secret society This in turn helps the society achieve its aim of global domination through politics, finance – and Hollywood Walker’s associates, his film history, and notably his personal side projects, could suggest that this multi-million action star was not only a member of the Illuminati, but also a potential threat to the organization

So-called truthers look at one of Walker’s early Hollywood movies, 2000 psychological thriller ‘The Skulls’, as proof of his elite connections ‘The Skulls’ is about a powerful and secret society from Yale University, which is based on the real ‘Skull and Bones’ organization It’s widely accepted that Skull and Bones is a major recruiter for the world’s most powerful occupations – just look at its esteemed alumni of past world leaders: US Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, intelligence agents, politicians, and military officials Despite his success in the Fast and the Furious franchise, which is now worth $309 billion, Walker’s dad claimed that his son wanted to retire from the entertainment industry

‘He loved the people’, he said, but ‘not the business’ Alongside acting, Walker was a dedicated humanitarian aid worker In 2010 he founded his own charity organization, ‘Reach Out Worldwide’, which provides relief efforts for areas struck by natural disasters In 2013 Walker was raising funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines According to the forum GodLikeProductions, it’s rumored that Paul Walker discovered a conspiracy that authorities were planning to supply the Philippines with permanent birth control, hidden in food aid and medicinal supplies

Knowledge of this confidential information would have made Walker a prime target for the authorities Is it possible that the Illuminati killed Walker as a blood sacrifice to protect its secret organization? There are even claims that Walker’s death was pre-determined by the FOX Network show, Family Guy In one episode broadcast a week before the crash, the character Brian dies in a car accident Brian was the name of Walker’s character in the Fast & Furious films Another claim is that Walker was killed in a drone strike, and this is apparently backed up by surveillance footage of the collision

Conspiracy groups speculate that just before the car burst into flames, it was hit by some kind of missile But InfoWars conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson has called the whole idea absurd, reporting that the video ‘almost certainly’ depicts the car crashing into a light pole, and that there is little motivation for the Illuminati to target this innocuous actor However, Walker’s own family contend that he was wrongly killed In 2015, his daughter and father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche, claiming that the carmaker took safety shortcuts in production Porsche has responded that Walker was fully responsible for his own death, and there is little evidence to support the conspiracy

Like his Fast and Furious character, Brian, Walker was a passionate car fan It’s therefore probable that Walker ‘knowingly assumed all risk’ riding in the Porsche, and it was this, that ultimately caused his tragic death


  1. Paul Walker will never be an Iluminati !!! Fake stories !
    He does not need to be an Iluminati, he is famous in any way. Many actors are so famous abd rich but are are not Iluminati .

  2. He is still alive. I believe both men faked their deaths; it was no secret Paul wanted out of acting, he constantly mentioned how he never planned to act for so long – that his true passion was marine biology. He even has a house hidden in some Indonesian Islands, I can’t remember the name, but google it – he mentioned it in an interview, stating this house was completely off the grid and nobody would be able to find him there. He absolutely had the money and connections to pull this off.

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