The Mysterious Death Of Prince

On 19th April 2016 the iconic musician Prince was hosting a dance party at his Paisley Park complex, where he said he felt fine Just over 24 hours later, Prince was found slumped unconscious in an elevator, and pronounced dead at the scene

He was just 57 years old Almost immediately the media began speculating on the circumstances of the musician’s death This has led many to ask… Was Prince murdered? Prince Rogers Nelson was a prolific songwriter and performer with seven Grammys, one Oscar and an estate reportedly worth between $300 and 800 million However, Prince died without a will, and the circumstances surrounding his death are suspicious Rumours immediately spread that he died from a drug overdose

Police questioned his entourage, and reported that there were no signs of exterior physical trauma on the body But he was in good spirits at his final party so there is little chance he took his own life His body was cremated within 3 days of his death… but the autopsy confirmed that he did indeed die of an overdose, quite possibly from the same ones prescribed to him by his doctor Minnesota law states that his money will go to one of his surviving siblings, making his only full blood sister Tyka Nelson the main beneficiary Prince’s relationship with his sister was reportedly good, and there is no known evidence to suggest foul play by those closest to him

So if the family weren’t involved, who else stood to gain from the musician’s death? In 2014 Prince resolved a highly publicised split with his former record company Warner Music Group, or WMG The deal saw him gain control over his back catalogue of popular hits, along with the right to re-release them, as well as any future music This greatly increased the value of Prince’s estate In 2013 approximately 286,000 units of his work were sold, earning him $657,000 If Prince had had ownership of the collection at this time, the figure would have leapt to $1

7 million However, even after the dispute was resolved, WMG still retained licensing rights to his classic and most popular albums produced under their label According to Joe Lanier of The Conspiracy Zone, Prince was murdered by WMG in order to gain the last money they could from his back catalog Lanier states “In short, Prince was worth more dead than alive to Warner Bros” And the Billboard chart in the weeks following his death support this statement

As of June 1st 2016 Prince broke the record for number of albums in the top 200 in a single week, as fans rushed to buy his work David Bowie’s death earlier in the year had the same effect, with ten of his albums entering the Billboard 200 charts including his last, Blackstar, charting at number one And there may be a precedent for this kind of extraordinary behaviour on the part of record companies According to Michael Jackson’s financial manager Leonard Rowe, Jackson claimed that Sony wanted his catalogue, and were prepared to kill him for it Sony acquired Jackson’s catalogue of music and the revenue that comes with it only a month before Prince’s death

There is, however, a third group who have been implicated in the death… The Illuminati In recent years Prince gave TV interviews criticising the authorities for putting fluoride in the water to make people subservient He also said chemtrails led to increased aggression and respiratory problems in neighbourhoods Prominent talk show hosts Alex Jones and Matthew Muller have hinted that the Illuminati would not tolerate such an outspoken and critical approach from a popular figure Some have also pointed to Prince’s last Instagram post as evidence that Prince knew he was in danger

It said, “Just when you thought you were safe” This comment was deleted after his death It’s common for questions to be asked about celebrities who die tragically young, and Prince is no exception For some the manner in which his body was treated after death left little time to grieve However this alone does not indicate a conspiracy …and theorists conveniently ignore other outspoken celebrities who have voiced more damaging allegations against the powers that be, and yet are still alive

There is little evidence to suggest one way or another how, or indeed whether, Prince was murdered For now, perhaps we should heed the many calls for the man to be remembered not for the circumstances of his death, but the music and enjoyment he brought to millions in life

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