The Mysterious Death Of Princess Diana

on the night of August 30th 1997 the people's princess was killed in a car crash in the pond along a road in Paris France thirty six-year-old Diana Spencer the princess of wales and her companion dodi fayed suffered fatal injuries when their chauffeur Henry Paul lost control of their mercedes-benz W 140 in the tunnel it's not just the people found unity for the loss of a British treasure a chance activist and mother in this tragic accident detectives are still investigating how this crash happened but experts journalists and those close to the princess diana's death was no accident instead they said was a cold assassination by British intelligence 2008 the official in question to princess diana's death concluded that there was not a shred of evidence proving that she was assassinated the death of Diana and Dodi were ascribed to show on you call to congress found Paul was three times over the legal drink-drive limit and traveling at 75 miles per hour in an ill-fated attempt to escape the paparazzi following closely behind them but security for additional new poll before they got into the car suggested he was sober and not particularly affected by his drinking at the time of the traffic collision it was rumored that princess diana was pregnant with his child dodi's father Egyptian business mogul mohammed al fayed suspects that the royal family itself ordered the death of his son and diana is an orchestrated plots to prevent an Egyptian Muslim entering the British Royal Family I'll fight suspicions may have some truth behind them a former mi6 agent called Richard Tomlinson who was sentenced to one year in prison within months of diana's death for breaking the Official Secrets Act made a sworn statement official inquiry saying following I firmly believe that there exists documents held by the British Secret Intelligence Service that would yield important new evidence into the cause and circumstances leading to the deaths of the princess of wales mister dodi al fayed amnesia on report in Paris in August 1997 Tomlinson was referring to the milosevic assassination this was an alleged plot to kill former serbian President Slobodan Milosevic using methods that mirrored diana's accident not images chauffeur-driven limousine was to be crashed in the dark tunnel where there would be few if any witnesses and a high chance of fatality blinding strobe light in the tour would cause milosevic driver to lose control of the vehicle triggering the deadly collision coincidentally an eyewitness of diana's accident claims that he saw a flash of light just before the mercedes crashed so Richard deal of former head of the Secret Intelligence Service has dismissed the strobe light evidence as spurious but other theorists like alan power point of the suspicious absence of CCTV images of the crash is further proof of assassination at the time there were approximately ten video cameras that should have captured Diana and Dodi journey but there were no recordings from any of these cameras that's even more evidence hidden by mi6 conspiracies and witnesses of the accident are also suspicious white Fiat Uno that emerged from the tunnel after the crash forensic tests confirmed that patron the vehicle was found on the records of diana's Mercedes but this mystery part was never traced this is exactly what what happened to my son I hope at the inquest was dismissed as a cause of the crash in favor of driver pulls in the state but mohammed al fayed believes the real cause may have been an undercover agent posing as a photographer or even driving the theater owner my son throughout the eleven year investigation had made one hundred and seventy-five conspiracy claims to uncover the truth about his son and Diane's death but the resulting verdict was at the crash was caused by the gross negligence of their driver on August 18th 2013 Scotland Yard renewed hope in the case when the Metropolitan Police announced that it was assessing new evidence this time the British Special Air Service was accused of killing diana in response to handle and mines company which threatens the arms industry and once again these allegations were proven pulls the cause of death was again tributed to drink driving but for many who are unwilling to accept items cruel fate the sinister circumstances surrounding the princess' death remain a mystery it is a murder not an accident hi guys Martin conspiracy week over at St + so be sure to click on the video above going to check it out cause the moon landing they assassinated JFK they took down building seven they're hiding aliens they also cause every major world war and global warming they also control jay-z and Beyonce nobody controls Beyonce

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