The Mystery Of Geronimo’s Skull

Oklahoma, May 1918 Under cover of darkness a group of conspirators broke into a cemetery at Fort Sill and plundered a grave

The target was the formidable Apache leader Geronimo, who died as a prisoner of war 9 years earlier They stole a silver bridle, saddle horn, bones and finally the skull The men returned home to remove any remaining hair and flesh, and polished the trophy with carbolic acid Among them was the grandfather of George W Bush, Prescott Bush

But what did he want with Geronimo’s skull? The young men were Bonesmen, members of “America’s most powerful secretive society”, the Skull & Bones of Yale University The society was founded in 1832 Among its alumni, the society counts 3 US Presidents: William Howard Taft, George HW Bush and George W

Bush, Senators like John Kerry and Politicians like W Averell Harriman and Jeb Bush David Bay, from The Cutting Edge radio, claims the Skull & Bones is a branch of a mysterious German sect known as the Thule Society Bonesmen sing songs to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles and have a German inscription “Whether poor or rich, all's the same in death” in their personally constructed windowless clubhouse, named the ‘Tomb’ Bay says that members of the Thule Society were Satanists who practised Black Magic and Sexual Magic – sadistic rituals to summon demonic powers

He also claims that Adolf Hitler himself became a member in 1919 Journalist Ron Rosenbaum wrote that Skull & Bones rituals included mock killings, dressing in skeleton suits and screaming, lying naked in a sarcophagus, and divulging sexual secrets, as well as the forced kissing of a skull The skullduggery isn’t just limited to Geronimo’s remains Items in the Tomb include many other human skulls; two are said to be those of President Martin Van Buren and Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa A full skeleton is located in the inner sanctum that Bonesmen claim belonged to Madame de Pompadour

Yet no one found out about the disappearance of Geronimo’s skull for over half a century In 1983, Ned Anderson, Tribal Chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, began a campaign to have Geronimo’s remains reinterred from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to his Arizona homeland Shortly afterward, he received a letter from an anonymous Bonesman telling him he would not find Geronimo’s skeleton intact if he dug it up, as it was used every Sunday and Thursday night in Skull & Bones rituals As proof, the anonymous sender enclosed a photograph of Geronimo’s skull and crossed femur bones in a display case, as well as a copy of the Prescott Bush story Anderson turned to Jeb Bush, as he was the grandson of Prescott Bush

Jeb promised to return the skull After some stalling, Anderson was eventually shown a skull and crossbones in an identical display case to that of the anonymous photograph However, Anderson claims the skull had been switched with that of a 10 year old He went to his Arizona Congressman, John McCain, for help to approach then Vice President, George H W

Bush, about the matter He got nowhere Around 2005 fresh evidence was uncovered: a letter dated 7th June 1918, sent from one Bonesman to another It said: “The skull of the worthy Geronimo the Terrible, exhumed from its tomb at Fort Sill by your club & the K—t [Knight] Haffner, is now safe inside the T— [Tomb] together with his well worn femurs[,] bit & saddle horn” The Skull & Bones did in fact commit grave robbery and spirit away the remains for use in their clubhouse

“Crooking” was a widespread practise at Yale It’s a game of one-upmanship where individual students and societies compete for the best steal, often from each other A Skull & Bones logbook says Geronimo’s skull was the Society’s ‘most spectacular crook’, suggesting the robbery was merely rich, upper class boys showing off However, historian David Miller says that Geronimo’s grave was unmarked until the 1920s So while it is likely they did dig up an Apache person’s bones, they might not be Geronimo’s

In 2009, one hundred years after Geronimo’s death, his descendent Harlyn Geronimo filed a lawsuit against the Skulls & Bones Society and the US Government Unsurprisingly, the establishment won the case Interestingly, Jeff Houser, the current chair of the Fort Sill Apache Tribe, stated: “There is nothing to be gained by digging up the dead

” So, with reluctance on both sides, it seems unlikely that we will ever know the true fate of Geronimo’s skull… or even whose skull really is at the Skull & Bones clubhouse, likely still being used in weekly rituals"

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