The Mystery of The Taos Hum

For decades, New Mexico Taos residents He suffered a strange humming sound and flickering endless The eerie sound of people in the mall just before I atdago insane As its side effects are headache and insomnia Include difficulty breathing, severe anxiety Although many researchers went survey Riddle has not solved Tao seuneun Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the desert town of We suffer and 5,000 to 2% of the residents are humming The sound is not known when begin dwaetneunji Many express heard from a distance like a diesel engine The sound is suddenly While low sounds that are barely audible I say this change ascending and descending Suffer the humming of people more than 80% I experienced that at least once a week Bizarrely, when the inside like a house or car, The sound is laid Larger Because there was a cool explanation Saenggyeotjyo to fear of alien activity causes In Taos are within 500km Roswell The place is handed down that a UFO crashed in 1947 Current itjyo even shrouded in mystery University of Oklahoma geophysicist David Deming is a professor talk Itdapnida be sounds from the secret activities of the US Army Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) technology Because cause severe pain is often used as a weapon According to a World Health Organization study ELF is dropping the damaged central nervous system Disturbed sleep patterns, It could induce dangerous currents in the human body I match the Taos problems that victims experience ELF signals are used in military communication People exposed to a 1960 US Navy aerial communication system It suffered a similar side effects and Deming had mentioned In the communication of ballistic missile submarines and long-range bombers I used the ELF pulse So many victims Taos I believe that the dangerous military activities are sound reasons Taos residents succeeded in lobby Congress 1993 Go to the buzzing into the formal investigation I figured that the complaint confidential military activities blame The government spent a prominent researchers Specifically designed for your ears I have spent a sophisticated sonar tracking system Low-frequency sound evidence could not be found It was the team leader University of New Mexico professor Joe Mullins and Jim Kelly The biological relevance of the proposed gibyeok victims Be exceptionally sensitive ears and electric, acoustic background noise Did that could be emerging phenomenon But this has not confirmed doejin My team took the following conclusions: "We were a mystery ange ' "Not even a sound signal that describes the buzz found ' "There was an earthquake move to find memes' "In the electromagnetic spectrum recorded near Taos' 'Unusual that could not be found' But just the sound of the Taos is not unique I reported this to the marvelous sound of one lot over the years Explanation is not so strange For two days in 2012, Borneo residents I heard a growl from dawn early Dong stopped teuja This sound is caused's collective panic He said there were many excited people in a supernatural one I'm aware that the boilers in the factory test run Similar things iteotneundeyo in 2014 UK Coventry residents I heard a strange buzzing sound Only at first ileukyeotji fear of alien invasion Is seen not obscured by warplanes broke the sound you left turns Ultrasound specialist Dr Chris Barnes I believe that human activity has made such a buzzing sound 2011 Barnes made a strange buzzing in the UK Haetneundeyo collect evidence to believe Working to strengthen the local road It was a result of a sound change construction methods combined There are also likely to be victims suffering from tinnitus It's a disease constantly I hear buzzing Mullins professors took to the conclusion that maybe tinnitus answers Director Royal Institute for Deaf UK's 1994 Humming victims He called those who do not recognize the two people I'm still buzzing effects can be debilitating physical and mental Auckland University of Technology Professor Tom Moyer The humming phenomenon'm focused research You find shocking talk associated with buzzing, A victim of Oakland To get away from the constant hum-free And I cut the left ear with a chainsaw But such talk It'll not be mistaken as evidence of the supernatural The other came from the alien sounds of the Austrian village description The probability is low Besides, it is known as witness testimony Evidence of a UFO crashed in Roswell is not The sound itself does not even actually Of people are'm imagination can concoct When investigating a buzz in Congress Haetneundeyo meeting so many victims and depth We describe for the sound was different for each person Some people say the low buzzing sound Some people did that sound high kkiik The experience is so broad that There's talk can be a psychological phenomenon John Similarly, mass hysteria Benjamin Radford is a journalist The residents qualified as an objective voice It says there may be personal experience Mullins is that the buzzing sound so very different I also loved detrimental interesting and embarrassing If psychological factors cause I have sonar did not recognize the sound It will be explained But in the end the most important thing Although it is impossible'll explain the hum of Taos Until the source of the sounds found Hundreds of Taos residents will continue to experience pain, The pain I'd gone with no hope

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