The New World Order Conspiracy

Hi, I’m Robin and welcome back to All Time Conspiracies Today we’ll be looking at the mysterious regime that countless conspiracies foretell will come to conquer the world

You've seen it printed on the dollar bill, you've heard politicians talk about no end: This is the New World Order Declassified For conspiracy theorists, the New World Order refers to the theoretical establishment of a totalitarian global government The term was coined by US President Woodrow Wilson after the First World War When Wilson said it, he was referring to the new League of Nations and its aim to establish global peace through international cooperation and power balancing

Since then, the phrase has been used to describe shifts in the global balance of power For example, Russian premier Gorbachev used it when talking about the end of the Cold War, and President George H W Bush famously said it about the purpose of American military action in the Gulf The term is notably ambiguous

It appears in Latin on the great seal of the United States, reading “novus ordo seclorum” The seal was designed in 1782, and the phrase comes from a poem by Virgil Properly translated, it actually means “A new order for the ages” The designer said it was meant to refer to the beginning of a new era for America But to conspiracy theorists it means something else

They believe the New World Order comprises a global elite of financiers, oil barons, royal families, Western world leaders and pharmaceutical companies It also includes international organisations like NATO, the UN and the World Bank Their secret headquarters is rumoured to be underneath Denver International Airport The clues are in the bizarre artworks that dominate the site Some claim the New World Order was first prophesied in the Bible

Revelation 17:12 is known as the Ten Kings Prophecy It states 10 nations will monopolise power, creating a new government It reads “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdoms as of yet; but will receive power as kings one hour with the beast” This verse is interpreted to mean the world will be run by a secret elite group It is used by conspiracy theorists like David Icke as proof that the New World Order is a real phenomenon

According to Icke, the establishment of a New World Order begins with a constructed “problem”, which is usually political For example, by training, mobilising and financing an opposition faction to existing government As societies fracture, and the relationship between the government and its people break down, the conflict becomes a problem that requires an international response This situation can be exploited Military groups like the United Nations Peacekeepers or NATO coalition forces are sent in to “solve” the problem

But these are in fact a cover to install the New World Order and they rarely leave a troubled territory once they're there This shifts and consolidates new power in troubled regions Any unifying political body, be it the European Union or the theoretical North American Union, is apparently one step on the way to a global government Proponents argue that the New World Order renders elections and the democratic process obsolete This is because, according to them, all political contenders are ultimately on the same team

Dissidents are brutally assassinated Some believe that US President JFK, and former Pakistani premier Ali Bhutto, are amongst the victims who tried to fight against the New World Order The future leaders of the world seek to control the population through mass extermination Supposedly, they plan to cut the global population from 7 billion to 2 billion, to reduce the possibility of rebellion

Everyone will be killed who doesn't belong to the elite or have specialised technical skills that will propel civilisation forward, for example doctors, scientists and engineers Major events throughout history, from the Crusades to the French Revolution and on to the Kosovo conflict and the Arab Spring, have all happened with the goal of bringing about a New World Order Author Edwin Black says that the aim is to bring back a Nazi regime, a “Fourth Reich” Writer Jim Marrs takes this further, claiming that post-World War 2 America was infiltrated by Nazi sympathisers Marrs argues that in the seven decades since, they have infiltrated U

S corporations, governments and businesses and installed the American system with Nazi values This idea stems from Operation Paperclip This was when US government agencies brought over 1500 Nazi scientists, engineers and technicians to the States to glean their expertise in aeronautical technology

The government also acquired businesses and conglomerates from former Nazis, to bolster the national income Some have seen Donald Trump’s success in America’s 2016 Presidential elections as proof that the New World Order is now coming into being Indeed, billionaire Trump is a unique President-elect because he has no prior political experience He became a public figure on the back of his real estate empire and reality TV series Journalist Jon Lockett says Trump’s body language proves his real purpose

In particular, he frequently makes a “quotation mark” gesture, which conspiracist David Vose describes as “open acknowledgement of his secret society affiliation with the Illuminati” The gesture allegedly resembles a “6” as shorthand for “666”, or “the devil’s number” His triumph could therefore mark the advent of the New World Order Indeed, President of the Conference of European Rabbis, Rabbi Pinkas Goldschmidt says exactly this He also notes that far-right “neo-Nazi” groups across the world – like France’s National Front – were piggybacking on this election outcome to accumulate greater power

Indeed, “Brexit” – the 2016 UK vote to withdraw from the European Union – has also been viewed as the an example of factions being pitted against each other to initiate a right wing shift The true meaning of the New World Order – whether a general political term, or sinister, underground political process – remains the subject of debate For now, we can only hope that ballot box successes for Trump and Brexit, and wars in Syria and the rest of the world, do not mark the beginning of the global totalitarian master plan coming to fruition Thanks for watching! See you next time

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