The Real Events That Inspired Iron Man 3 || Conspiracy In Film

When your favourite celebrity arms dealer denies you an audience for your brilliant new technology, do you give up, or do you prove him wrong? Revenge, power and profit are what motivate Aldrich Killian Killian is the founder of Advanced Idea Mechanics and helped Maya Hansen develop Extremis

This is a serum capable of rewriting genetic code, allowing the user to regenerate limbs, gain super strength, and spontaneously combust Killian recruits disabled war veterans to take extremis, and provide him with the literal firepower to create his own brand of terrorism Due to Extremis’ unstable, explosive nature, Killian uses his superpowered militia to commit a series of suicide bombings Killian hires obscure British actor Trevor Slattery to play The Mandarin, the face of a fake terror group, to claim credit for each attack The climax of the Mandarin’s campaign is the kidnapping and assassination of President Matthew Ellis

Killian knows the constitution says Ellis will be succeeded by Vice President Rodriguez Killian also knows Rodriguez has a disabled daughter, and thanks to the healing power of Extremis, he is Killian’s puppet With control over both the US government and its public enemy number one, Killian’s company can profit from the war he manufactured Maya Hansen invented Extremis in 1999 Subsequently funded and developed by Killian, Maya was almost powerless as she witnessed the project experiment on and kill its human guinea pigs

Out of guilt, and desperate for help to fix Extremis, she tells Tony Stark In the real world, there have been plenty of whistleblowers in the scientific community In 2002, microbiologist David Lewis was working for the Environmental Protection Agency He ppublished the dangers of untreated sewage sludge after investigating deaths linked to EPA programs While the government wanted to use it for agricultural fertilizer, Lewis showed that pathogens could remain in the sludge undetected

For this, he was harassed and eventually fired in 2003 Luckily his work led the CDC to issue guidelines which protect workers handling the dangerous sewage Killian’s suicide bombings are classic false flag attacks These days, the phrase is increasingly used to discredit acts of gun violence and domestic terrorism in the US However, there are proven and documented cases of false flag attacks perpetrated by the CIA

Project TP-Ajax was an operation to undermine the Iranian government in 1953, by carrying out a series of bombings on mosques and key figures, while posing as Iranian Communists The CIA have admitted that at least one of these bombings aided their involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup which overthrew Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh Mosaddegh, who wanted to nationalise Iran’s oil fields, was replaced by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was friendly to the US and relied on them to maintain his power One of Killian’s goals is to control and supply each faction in a war: he plays terrorist, counter-terrorist and arms dealer all at once The filmmakers were mostly influenced by the War on Terror and the Iraq War, which ended two years before the film was released

But war profiteering has existed as long as there has been war Things have not changed in 2018 Yemen is going through one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history, one in which America is complicit When the Houthi resistance group took control of Yemen in 2014, the former field marshal of the Yemeni armed forces fled to and sought military support from Saudi Arabia In 2015, the Saudis led Operation Decisive Storm, a military intervention against the Houthi in Yemen

The Saudis were supported, primarily through the sale of weapons, by numerous countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and Turkey The States make up 34% of the $100 billion global arms industry, and Saudi Arabia is their number one customer, accounting for almost half of all US arms exports US involvement in the Yemen crisis became even more significant when President Donald Trump signed an arms deal worth $110 billion with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman After three years of conflict, over 80,000 people have been killed and 11 million people are at risk of famine, as the conflict between the Houthi and the Saudis has prevented access to food and humanitarian aid Saudi Arabia has also been linked to terror groups like Daesh and Al-Qaeda, both of which are principal actors the War on Terror

A report from the US Treasury Department lists the International Islamic Relief Organisation, a charity run by members of the Saudi royal family, as a terrorist entity The report shows the charity funded terror organisations from the early 90s to “at least the first half of 2006” This report therefore implies that Saudi Arabia was indirectly involved in the 9/11 attacks This is without considering that 15 of the 19 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia Fortunately businessman-cum-false-flag-terrorist Aldrich Killian has no direct real life parallels

However, his company, AIM, closely resembles Lockheed Martin, a global defense technology company and the world’s largest defense contractor A huge controversy arose in August 2018, when 40 Yemeni children were killed by an MK-82 bomb made by Lockheed Martin This isn't the first time the Iron Man films have explored the dark ironies of the arms trade ""That’s exactly what we used to do"" According to director Shane Black, The Mandarin was designed to represent “every terrorist in a way”, while having the voice of an American preacher His characterisation was influenced by South American insurgents and Osama Bin Laden, the founder and former face of Al-Qaeda

While Osama was not a paid actor, his appearance as a disciplined, religious fanatic was undermined by the contents of his personal computer When Osama was finally located and killed, the CIA revealed he was holed up in a large mansion complex with heavy security, much like Trevor Slattery Bin Laden had a large stash of anime, bootleg adult dating simulator games, and various animated movies It might not be quite the same as having prostitutes or watching the footy on the telly, but like the Mandarin, Bin Laden was not the stoic face of death the world believed Iron Man 3 suggests the War on Terror – and terrorism as a whole – could be a racket, designed to maximise profit for those in the arms business

Amidst all its suicide bombers, exploited victims and characters’ frustrated ambitions, the real tragedy of Iron Man 3 is that it is closer to real life than you might think

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