The Roswell Incident | Declassified

Hi guys, I’m Robin, and this week we’re investigating the biggest alien conspiracy in history Generations of UFO enthusiasts believe that 69 years ago, an alien spaceship crash-landed in New Mexico, USA

But was this a genuine alien encounter, or a Cold War Government cover-up? This is Roswell, Declassified In July 1947, a strange object fell from the sky and into a sheep pasture, 75 miles away from the city of Roswell This object was first discovered by a local rancher called Mac Brazel It was ‘unearthly’: metallic debris, and large scraps of foil and plastic reflectors scattered across the ranch This material was immediately taken to a nearby air-force base – but even the military couldn’t determine what it was Major Jesse Marcel from the base described the debris as indestructible parchment-like material, and unusual pieces of metal that behaved like no other substance on Earth

When this metallic foil was screwed up, it would return to its original shape without any creases or handling damage Could this be the remnants of an alien spaceship? The press certainly thought so On July 8th, the Roswell Daily Record’s top headline ran, ‘RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region’ But the very next day, an Air Force official reported that the so-called ‘flying saucer’ was just a weather balloon It’s clear though, from newspaper photographs, that the wreckage was far too large to be a weather balloon

It’s even reported that the American authorities confiscated the space debris from the military, and replaced it with parts of a weather balloon Cynics think that this was a government tactic to protect us from the truth So what exactly were they hiding? Apparently, the ‘weather balloon’ wasn’t the only thing that the military found Some investigators claim that there was a second crash site containing extra-terrestrial bodies Allegedly, the military conducted an autopsy on these specimens

They were described as small, thin, humanoid creatures, with big heads and large eyes In 1995 a film surfaced which contained footage from the alien autopsy Looks convincing, right? Well unfortunately in 2006, the makers of the film confessed that it was a hoax In fact, in 1997 an investigation by USAF concluded that what paranoid Americans thought were alien bodies, were actually crash test dummies During the Cold War period, the U

S Air Force conducted a series of secret ‘dummy drops’ over New Mexico The military was testing how pilots could best survive falls from aircrafts, using dummies made from latex and aluminium – which could make convincing aliens And without any official explanation, the public assumed that these dummies were extraterrestrial So, no dead aliens But what about the weather balloon cover-up? The public were right to be suspicious of the Roswell incident

In the 1990s, the National Security Agency published an in-depth report on the Roswell Incident The NSA revealed that since World War Two, American authorities had been working with a group of geophysicists and oceanographers on a top secret, atomic espionage programme ‘Project Mogul’ was a Cold War monitoring operation Experts created special balloons that carried microphones high into the Earth’s atmosphere, in order to secretly pick up sound waves from nuclear tests carried out by the Soviet Union The Project Mogul team invented several high-tech materials to fulfill the mission, which is why so many people were mystified when they came across the unusual debris

Project Mogul was so confidential that few military officials knew about its existence – especially soldiers at the Roswell Army Air Base Some military officials even thought that the wreckage might be a Russian spy plane So the ‘air balloon’ story was quickly published to avoid disturbing the public But despite the Government’s thorough disclosure of its secret mission, this has only fuelled interest in the infamous Roswell incident To this day, believers keep watching the skies, hoping to find their own UFO

What do you think? Was Roswell a UFO cover-up, or just a Cold War operation? Let us know in the comments And if you liked this video and want to learn more about aliens, then check out ‘Are there Aliens on Mars?’ Thanks for watching See you next time!

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