Top 10 Disturbing Subliminal Messages

Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Subliminal Messages 10 During the 2000 American election George Bush's campaign subliminally insulted the Democrat leader Al Gore during a Republican broadcast

The words 'Dirty Rats' appeared on screen for a thirtieth of a second, while a voice criticised Gore's proposed government healthcare plans Though Bush initially denied the claims, $25 million of advertising funds were swiftly withdrawn 09 Researchers at Duke University and Canada’s University of Waterloo have discovered that it takes a mere 30-millisecond exposure to brand logos to influence behaviour

Their study asked participants to come up with multiple uses for a brick, whilst subliminally shown logos The study showed that the participants that were subliminally exposed to the Apple logo [old rainbow apple] became more creative in their thought processes, whilst those that were shown the IBM logo had limited creativity A similar study found that the Disney logo stimulated honesty in test subjects, whereas the E! Channel logo provoked more dishonest behaviour 08 Cigarette company Marlboro have been sponsors of F1 race cars since 2007

However thanks to a 2005 law which banned tobacco advertising on formula one vehicles, they have had to be creative in how they sell their product In 2010, they produced a barcode pattern to appear on the cars When the vehicle went speeding past, the image resemble their logo The European health commissioner condemned the move as subliminal messaging, and the design was promptly removed 07

Retailers use subliminal messages to encourage shoppers into buying more, particularly by manipulating smells  One fifth of purchases are thought to be down to scent Certain smells sprayed in stores will encourage shoppers to touch products, which in turn encourages purchase Citrus or floral smells can encourage customer to browse longer and spend more Shops have also used audio messages to prevent shoplifting

In 1979, 50 department stores in the US and Canada subliminally played the audio message ""I am honest; I will not Steal"" 06 In 1978 TV station cops used subliminal messaging during a documentary about a murderer in an attempt to persuade the criminal to turn himself in Dennis Rader, known as the BTK killer due to his tendency to bind and torture his victims, killed 10 people Police rigged the documentary with symbols the killer had used in letters, alongside photos of a phone and an Indian chief

They hoped the killer would be influenced to call the police chief  Unsurprisingly, it didn't work  05The earliest recorded form of subliminal messaging was used by the British Royal Air Force in order to help soldiers spot enemy planes Before the pilots went into battle, they were shown a series of images in a device called the tachistoscope

The machine flashed images of planes repeatedly at the men in the hope that once they were in battle they'd be able to distinguish friend from foe Tests immediately following the tachistoscope discovered participants could recognise enemy planes from a much greater distance and at a greater speed than before 04In 2014 Venzualan politician Leopoldo Lopez was imprisoned for spreading anti-government subliminal messages  Lopez, the leader of the country's opposition party, was accused of sneaking subliminal messages into his public speeches in order to incite mass violence

  Lopez had publicly suggested demonstration as a form of protest against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro So when violent political campaigns broke out, his political enemies blamed Lopez and promptly put him in prison 03 A 2012 study proved that certain subliminal messages can directly cause an increase in racist behaviour The study primed white Americans with the word ""BLACK"" and found that this made the participants respond faster to negative stereotypes in a later word task, even among people who didn't display racist attitudes

In contrast, hidden messages of the word ‘WHITE’ caused an increase in positive thoughts in test subjects 02 In 2015 an AARP advert was found to have a sinister subliminal message While viewers watched a heartwarming ad about caring for the elderly, a background news report could be heard saying ""Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law” Only heard when the volume is turned up high, the message would only be recognised subconsciously

  At the time of airing, riots against a racist police state were happening in Ferguson and Baltimore Conspiracy theorists believe it was a government attempt to threaten and control the public 01 In 1990 rock band Judas Priest were sued for singing subliminal messages promoting suicide In 1985 Raymond Kelknap and James Vance, 18 and 20 respectively, made a suicide-pact to shoot themselves after spending hours listening to the heavy metal group

Their parents claimed lyrics included messages such as 'Try suicide' and 'Let's be dead', which could be heard if the songs were played backwards In court the band responded that if they wanted to send hidden messages, they were more likely to suggest buying more records

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