Was Operation Gotham Shield A Cover Up?

April 25th 2017 New Jersey

9:13 am At one of the busiest times of the day, a van passing through the Lincoln Tunnel explodes in a 10 kiloton detonation The vehicle was carrying a dirty bomb It killed 14,000 in a matter of moments and devastated a large area of Weehawken and the city of New York This was the scenario established for Operation Gotham Shield, whose details leaked onto the internet weeks before the event, sparking dire warnings of the destruction to come

Thankfully there was no explosion, no dirty bomb or loss of life Which begs the question, what actually was Operation Gotham Shield? A training exercise? Or a thwarted false flag attack on the United States? A week before the suspected attack, an unnamed blogger on the Event Horizon Chronicle website speculated about what could transpire under Gotham Shield They state that the “danger of a nuclear attack on a US city is a very real and present danger”, and if a “detonation does occur, there is every possibility that it will be an inside job” Within days warning videos began to appear across the internet, predicting a cataclysm across the New York and New Jersey area Youtubers like Terral BlackStar and Info Squad issued advice to citizens living within the affected areas

Celebrity conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars channel highlighted, on the 24th April, that power outages in Los Angeles, Kentucky, San Francisco and New York coincided with the start date of Gotham Shield InfoWars went as far as to make a deliberate link between the suspected false flag attack in New Jersey, and Masonic influences within the US government According to them, Gotham Shield is similar to 9/11, which was used as a pretext for war in the Middle East

Gotham Shield would be a pretext for war with North Korea On the surface, it would be easy to dismiss these concerns of a false flag attack, were it not for other similar incidents from the past For example, on the morning of the terrorist attacks on New York on September 11th 2001, NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defence Command, was engaged in Operation Northern Vigilance Operation Northern Vigilance was a simulation of how the agency would react to a hijacking situation involving terrorists It was called off when that very scenario played out in reality

On the 1st and 2nd of July, 2005, London’s emergency services and officers from the Metropolitan Police’s anti-terror branch were involved in what they called Hanover Exercise The training exercise was designed around an attack on the London Underground A week later, on the 7th of July, four terrorists attacked the city’s underground and bus network, killing 52 people In 2011, hours before Anders Brevik committed the country’s worst terror attack since the Second World War, Norwegian police concluded an exercise which practiced for an almost identical scenario And according to Patrick Pelloux, a paramedic based in Paris, “Parisian police, firemen, EMTs and others” had been engaged in a “multi-site attack exercise” on the morning of 13th November 2015

That evening, a multi-site terror attack claimed 130 people Based on these apparent coincidences, it’s perhaps unsurprising that in the week preceding Operation Gotham Shield, people believed a false flag operation was underway Yet, as we have since learned, nothing happened Officially Operation Gotham Shield was a four day exercise, from April 23rd to April 27th 2017, as part of FEMA’s National Exercise Program The program is designed to test the readiness and capacity of emergency services and government agencies in the event of a national disaster

In the case of Gotham Shield, the disaster was a hypothetical 10 kiloton nuclear detonation on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel It tested the New Jersey State Police and National Guard, the FBI, the Military Auxiliary Radio System and multiple New York civil agencies It is estimated that such an attack would cause around 14,000 deaths, and leave over 62,000 people injured, with the airblast almost reaching Central Park Right in the heart of America’s financial capital Yet Gotham Shield was just one of many partnered exercises taking place between April and May that year

Documents, such as this one from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection dated to March 2017, clearly state the intentions and where events are due to take place Vibrant Response was a test of US Army Northern Command under nuclear or chemical attack Prominent Hunt 17-1 was a Department of Homeland Security operation to test their ability to collect radioactive evidence

and Fuerzas Amigas was 2017’s annual US-Mexican cross border exercise

Far from a federal attempt to attack the United States, Gotham Shield was part of an annual cycle of exercises conducted by authorities to keep the United States prepared for potential disasters These are often a matter of public record, and this was certainly the case with Gotham Shield False flag operations hold little chance of succeeding if they are common knowledge As this document from the National Nuclear Security Administration, and this one from the US

Department of Agriculture, show, Gotham Shield was very much common knowledge, both in the US and to her allies We live in a dangerous world, where war has moved from the battlefield and to our streets and our homes Police and emergency services conduct multiple training schemes every year, to improve communication and readiness, in the event the worst happens

The rate of practices is so high, that the chances of a training exercise overlapping a real event is far higher than we expect However what is perhaps more poignant about Gotham Shield is not the fact that the authorities have to train to combat this asymmetric warfarebut that the public has so little faith in the authorities, they can no longer tell between rehearsals designed for their protection, and the real thing

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