What Is Scientology Hiding?

With an incredibly high-profile and a glamorous celebrity following, millions of new followers are flocking to Scientology each year However rumours continue to surface of a dark side to the religion, with the stories of defected followers suggesting there is something sinister occurring in their compounds

Here at AllTime Conspiracies, we think its time to dig a little deeper into What is Scientology Hiding? While Scientology is not classed as a religion globally, it won religious status in the United States following a long-fought battle with the IRS over their status Several countries across Europe have similarly granted it religious status Despite this, their tendency to require followers to sign one billion year contracts and cut off contact with the outside world, as well as their habit of threatening their critics with lawsuits, suggests scientologists may have something to hide In fact Germany went so far to classify the group as a threat to the democratic principles they put into action to ensure the horror of Nazism would never be repeated So how are they managing to recruit so many people? The answer could be through mind control? The great-grandson of Scientology founder L

Ron Hubbard has gone on record describing the religion as “the most devious, systematic brainwashing systems that's ever been invented” Former scientologist Paul Grosswald, has also claimed that the religion performs mind control techniques to win over recruits, and trap them in the organisation He described how the oppressive control begins soon after a person's introduction to the religion, with the sinister induction process known as auditing Supposedly to help individuals increase their spiritual abilities, auditing is an intense personality test, where potential followers are bombarded with questions about their past Incessantly repeated until the auditor receives an answer they are happy with, those who have undergone the process have described the sensation of being in a trancelike state

The test is monitored by a machine called an E-Meter which scientologists describe as a religious artefact to be used as a spiritual guide Recognised outside of scientology as an unreliable lie-detector, psychologists have suggested that those who believe it to be powerful could become susceptible to ideas instilled in them by the auditor running the test And it's not only adults who are at risk of being brainwashed From the age of 6, children born into scientology can be made to undergo auditing Brainwashing worries were confirmed as more than mere paranoia in 1965 thanks to an enquiry into the group known as the Anderson Report

The report claimed: Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practise a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents sadly deluded and often mentally ill It employs techniques which further its real purpose of securing domination over and mental enslavement of its adherents Four And not even those at the top of the organisation are safe from Scientology's grip Last publicly seen in 2007, the wife of scientology leader David Miscavige has seemingly gone missing She mysteriously vanished after angering her husband by making changes to the board of the Church's infamous Sea Organisation without his permission

At least two Missing Persons reports have been filed for Shelley, one by former Scientologist the actress Leah Rimini, who was disciplined by the Church after questioning Shelley's absence from the 2006 wedding between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes While the Church have said she requested to withdraw from the public eye, and the LAPD publicly confirmed she is alive and well, conspiracists suggest the Church is powerful enough to buy the cops' silence, and speculation as to her whereabouts continues Many have suggested that she has been sent to 'The Hole', a sinister prison-like office that's drawn comparisons to concentration camps Several former high-level Scientologists who've managed to escape The Hole, have reported the terrifying punishments captives face For example in 2012, Debbie Cook testified in court that along with her colleagues, she was beaten, tortured and confined in atrocious conditions in the Hole

Punishments included having to stand in piles of trash, having freezing cold water poured over their heads, and being forced to make false confessions of homosexual affairs and crimes Cook even described one captive being ordered to lick a bathroom floor for thirty minutes Though Scientologists have gone on record to deny the presence of The Hole, the sheer number of ex-believers who claim to have experienced the prison suggests it really could exist, and could indeed be the real hiding place of the Shelley Miscavige But despite rumours of brainwashing, mysterious disappearances, and sadistic punishments, it seems unlikely that we will ever be able to see beyond the powerful reach and fine-tuned public front of Scientology Meaning the truth behind the sinister religion lies well and truly locked behind the church doors

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