Who Are The Men In Black?

At 10:30pm on 14th October 2008, hotel worker Shane Sovar saw something strange He stepped outside the Sheraton on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and saw a huge black triangle swooping over the water

It had three flashing lights and was 240 feet in length And then it was gone On 15th May 2009, the Sheraton Hotel had two inquisitive visitors Dressed in black suits and hats they aggressively questioned staff about a UFO They soon left when they realised that Sovar was absent

But who were they? UFOlogists have spoken of accusatory interlopers in dark suits for over half a century The first recorded encounter was in 1947 after Harold Dahl witnessed a UFO crash from his boat at Maury Island, Seattle The debris rained down on him killing his dog and injuring his child, but he managed to take some photographs Shortly after, Dahl was visited by a man in black suit who instructed him not to tell anyone what he saw Following the meeting, all of Dahl’s photographs were fogged up

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century reports of men dressed in black kept coming in Always following the sighting of a UFO Always demanding information and the witnesses public silence Always in the same black suits This has led many to believe they work for a government agency tasked with keeping knowledge of alien encounters out of the public consciousness

Which government agency that is is not known It has been reported that they just show a card that says ‘security’ when asked for identification Even actor Dan Aykroyd claims to have had contact with the men in black During the filming of a UFO-exposé series for the Sci-Fi channel, he noticed he was being watched by some men in black from a car outside They quickly disappeared

But 2 hours later, a call came through saying to stop taping and that the show was cancelled Aykroyd himself has blamed a coalition of the Air Force, CIA and FBI for UFO cover ups However, those who have gotten a closer look at these ‘men in black’ have noticed some strange facial features Dr Herbert Hopkins described them as bald with no eyebrows or eyelashes and a plastic sheen to their cold, white skin

This coupled with the fact they don’t seem to belong to any particular agency has lead some to speculate they are in fact aliens After all, who could have more to lose from the unwanted discovery of aliens than the aliens themselves? And a government agent is the perfect disguise A counter theory posits that the whole affair is rather more occult There are no aliens, that these men in black are the devil Reports going back centuries detail of encounters with demonic men in black, who was recognised as Satan

Nick Redfern points out that while people visited by the Men in Black are mainly UFOlogists, many have also dabbled in the occult, ouija-boards and devil-worship However, more compelling is evidence that emerged from the files of Edward Snowden in 2014 A presentation entitled ‘The Art of Deception’ listed a number of covert techniques meant to confuse targeted individuals, and amongst all of this were photographs of classic fake and hoax UFO craft This suggests that the government could be behind such UFO sightings and staging encounters with officers playing the roles of Men in Black Could the UFO conspiracy have been entirely fabricated by the government? Former Air Force special investigations officer Richard Doty infiltrated UFOlogist groups in the 1970s

His line was: 'I'm with the government You cooperate with us and I'm going to tell you what the government really knows about UFOs’ They even pretended to enlist the help of UFOlogists who, while looking for aliens, were mistakenly spying on secret Air Force operations In essence the government was spying on people spying on them who thought they were spying on aliens Given the sheer number of worlds in this Universe, it seems likely that aliens exist somewhere

However, on the balance of probabilities and with the vastness of space, visits from extraterrestrials might be less of a revelation and more of a government strategy to maintain secrecy So who are the Men in Black? Aliens, demons, government agents, or all three?

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