Who Really Started The Great Fire Of London?

350 years ago London, capital of Britain has abandoned completely the other Gun Great Fire of London started September 1666 Sunday, February was past midnight Extent of damage was enormous Dwaetneunde 8 chaessik lost in the building 10 More than 13,000 houses and 87 churches have tossed another From 70,010 million's homeless It'll be a few thousand of them lost their lives The fire is evolving thing three days after 9 was Wednesday August 05 But I guess the fire started? May was a mere accident? May was a horrible plot to destroy the United Kingdom? (Great Fire of London, who did you start?) Where the Great Fire started in Pudding Lane Thomas Perry is your Bakery Thomas and the family had managed to escape the first floor windows Unfortunately maid did not come It was the first victim The number of deaths recorded in the remaining ten were not miraculously, but When the temperature of the flames melted ceramics At least I proved it right up to 1250 degree Celsius The temperature gonna totally get rid of the body Complex urban population over 500,000 blows Historian Neil Hanson is killed thousands of people estimated nawatdago The fire started in Pudding Lane for more than 3 days Was 176 times over a square kilometer Previously fallen enemies never before Up to three Bay Promenade and St Paul's Cathedral kyeotjyo It burned to the newly-built buildings All thinking I've got no doubt would not Britain ended up at war with the Dutch, French Foreign brokers are holding the match and grenades There were witnesses tip went to work Great Fire of London would have been a terrorist attack That makes the London to ashes It will would have been a great achievement to terrorists But having a house for the poor people Prison, London Stock Exchange, the Financial District All to the post office and newspaper printing house on fire tatjyo All British money, mail and news communications The building has been the While the fire was caused on the country in chaos Who were accused by the fire baker Thomas Perry thou He has insisted he was not an accident

I scraped all the remaining embers from the oven He claims to have prevented the fire He maintained until his death was an arson claims He had a good reason to believe so Great Fire of London, the Royal Navy a week ago, went to the Netherlands Dutch fleet Joe burned to the fleet anchored in the town London was taking people who expect retaliation Thomas Perry you was king of baker It has supplied bread to the Royal Navy If the Netherlands is responsible itjyo Catholic Church British Protestants have always feared the Catholics Of the French, Spanish, Irish Catholic tha Eotgeodeunyo received stimulation 60 years ago Gunpowder Plot could almost get the government to massacre When the 1666 fire beonjyeot Brother of Charles II led soldiers Gathered in one place to find foreigners and Catholics It was also because the suspects and It also intended to protect from the mob attack When London was rebuilt A monument was erected near the place where the fire occurred Catholic conspiracies there are carved articles also mentioned dwaetneundeyo That part was removed in 1830 A few days after the fire has been battling French Catholics Robert Wu Bergamo He confessed he set fire He suffered hanged on September 28, But I did not think a jury convicted him daggers Was his confession as evidence against the Hear new facts about the fire has changed his mind But he did not retract the confession It created a government of their own into the fray Thomas Perry you went to the trial of Robert He watched it being executed A year later, in a formal investigation after execution Robert has been confirmed until two days after the fire there was something in London The authorities, not in the fire accident I have never thought it would be something Charles II to Londoners Natural disasters, it was said, My investigations also took the same conclusion London was stuck medieval wooden buildings in the narrow streets rain It kept, surrounded by ancient Roman walls 1666 Because summer drought eotgi Old wooden building was a perfect kindling wood Besides the Thames riverside coal, oil, fat, gunpowder, etc There was a combustible material lined When I wake up in a fire in Pudding Lane London yen was a strong wind began to blow Testimony of witness strong winds bulmyeonseo I heard the fire and the flames fly thatched roof Citing frequent high winds that are a fire suppression Coincidences are not historians think It deliberately crushed a building in flames the way through The reason was to stop the fire Arson did make a film for a fuel supply But it was an extremely successful strategy The estimated cost spent on rebuilding one was ten million lbs It's a lot of money LONDON annual income is 12 million lbs yeoteunikkayo If a similar fire, then it was rebuilt today costs 37 billion lbs'll hear The British government and the monarch fire was an accident Thomas Perry believed that happened in your ovens I was the historians feel the same Arson suspect list is neither a few people I also probable lower Great Fire of London, but is a disaster It provides an opportunity to build a new city in London It ended up not illegal wood and stone building bricks again Disease and garbage was not burned Firefighters and fire insurance did birth The problem's this Believe or not, the arson was a conflagration between Eventually yieoteulkkayo a good thing?

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