Will The Large Hadron Collider Summon God?

The Large Hadron Collider is a 27 kilometre long ring of superconducting magnets, 175 metres beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva It is the largest machine in the world, built over a decade on a budget of $9 billion, and started up on 10th September, 2008

The LHC is part of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research It is a particle accelerator, which collides two high-energy particle beams travelling at close to the speed of light According to CERN, the purpose of the LHC is to test various theories of particle physics Most famously, it confirmed the existence of the Higgs boson, also known as the God Particle But since before the LHC began operating, scientists and conspiracy theorists have claimed it has a different purpose

They believe that, instead of discovering the God Particle, the LHC will instead summon a literal god… In 2008, mathematical physicists Professor Irina Aref’eva and Doctor Igor Volovich from the Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow, predicted that the LHC could create something remarkable They argued that when the LHC concentrates its energies into a subatomic particle – the very things it was built to accelerate – the particle will distort the fabric of the universe, spacetime It could distort spacetime so much that it creates a wormhole The concept of the wormhole was expanded in 1935 by physicists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen Using the theory of general relativity, they proposed that bridges in spacetime could exist, creating shortcuts that would reduce the time and distance between two points in spacetime

Those connected points might not be regions of space in the same galaxy – they could be in separate universes With this in mind, conspiracy theorists believe CERN’s claim it was looking for the God Particle was a blind, to deflect attention away from its true purpose: to create a wormhole underground, and open a gateway through which god could arrive on Earth However, it is not the Abrahamic god most of us are familiar with According to Timothy Alberino, the scientists at CERN plan to summon Shiva, the source of all evil In Hinduism, Shiva is the great destroyer

His role is to bring the universe to an end, to obliterate all existence and then give birth to it anew His consort is Parvati, whose forms include Kali, the goddess of death Curiously, outside the headquarters of CERN, is a statue of Shiva in one of his forms Clyde Lewis says even the name, CERN, evokes Cernunnos, the Celtic horned god of the underworld Conspiracy theorists thought the moment had come in June 2016, when a frighteningly strange storm focused above the LHC

Even if you don’t believe in these specific gods, or any god, many philosophers and scientists alike have speculated that what ancient and modern humans identify as omnipotent, otherworldly deities could really be organisms from another universe If, for example, the Abrahamic God exists outside our universe, as taught in churches, mosques and synagogues around the world, then could that be because they created our universe while observing from elsewhere in a multiverse? This connects to other theories about what unannounced results the Large Hadron Collider will achieve In 2015, Steve Miller claimed the LHC was going to summon the anti-Christ In 2017, the Christian Truther blog predicted the LHC would open a portal to hell Back before the LHC had ever fired up for the first time, it was predicted that it would open up a black hole that would swallow the Earth

Obviously, none of this has happened yet – but it still might Scientists admit that wormholes could be created at CERN, but they would only exist at microscopic levels – about 10–33 centimeters across Furthermore, wormholes are very unstable The gravitational forces that stretch them into a gateway also tear them apart To make a wormhole sufficiently stable for a traveller to pass through, would require harnessing exotic matter, which has negative energy density and large negative pressure

Unfortunately, this exotic matter “has only been seen in the behaviour of certain vacuum states as part of quantum field theory” If the LHC did create a wormhole, it would only be large enough and last long enough for a photon to pass through Even gods would struggle to get through from the other side, especially if they are not really gods, but actual beings from another universe Naturally, scientists at CERN refute all of these claims They say their work is devoted to experiments in particle physics, and they pose no danger to the safety of the planet

Even the Russian scientists upon whose work the Shiva theory is based, do not put any stock in it They did not say the LHC would open pathways to other dimensions They said that colliding particles could produced “closed timelike curves”, which would allow a particle to travel backwards to a previous moment in its life cycle In other words, a time machine This started a whole other debate in the scientific community – and most scientists think it is unlikely

Professors Robert Caldwell and Brian Cox both dismiss the notion that time travelling wormholes will be created However, Professor David Deutsch of Oxford University said, “[Their theory is] speculative in the extreme, but not cranky” No wormhole has ever been observed, and the existence of the phenomenon remains entirely theoretical Doctor Igor Volovich says that the best we can hope for, is that the LHC will reveal the energy signature of wormholes’ existence So far, the LHC’s achievements have been consistent with their mission statement

Given how significant its work has been, it is a shame to overshadow CERN’s accomplishments with tall tales about black holes and stargates However, wormholes are theoretically possible, and given the calibre of the minds that predicted them, quite probable If they do exist, they are far more likely to be conjured briefly on a subatomic level in the LHC, than they are to suddenly appear in the space above us as gigantic portals As for what lies on the other side of the wormhole… well, we can never know until we go thereJust what lies on the other side, we can only know by stepping through

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